Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough energy to get through the day? Do you feel sluggish and drained no matter what you do? One of the most common complaints I come across in my private practice is fatigue. Many people finish their day exhausted and find that better energy remains elusive no matter what they try.

There are many different reasons for fatigue, but there are also so many things you can do to boost your energy naturally and effectively! Below you’ll find 4 tips to boost your energy once and for all.


This has to be said first. Statistics show that most people are sleep deprived and are in need of deep rest. Of course, everyone occasionally has a night where they can’t sleep very well. But when a lack of sleep becomes a regular occurrence it can seriously impact your overall health.

During sleep the body has a chance to address deeper functions and healing. Muscles recover, cells rebuild, the mind settles, and the digestive system resets. If your body is telling you you’re tired start by getting more sleep. This may mean you need to do less. Approach the internal voice inside that demands you do more with kindness, but don’t give into it. Chances are, if you went to sleep a little earlier or had a nap you would function at a higher level anyway.

Address Gut Health

Your digestion is central when it comes to energy levels. When your digestion isn’t functioning, the body can’t adequately use food for fuel and you’ll end up feeling fatigued and lackluster.

Did you know inside your digestive system there are trillions of bacteria that contribute to overall energy? Poor diet, heavy antibiotic use, and toxic overload can damage your gut and those helpful bacteria. Support your gut bacteria by eating fibrous foods like vegetables, beans, and legumes. You can also take probiotic supplements and get probiotics by eating fermented foods.

Eat Nutrient Dense

You’ve probably heard that the standard North American diet is notoriously nutrient poor. When trying to increase energy, think of adding in nutrient dense foods. Whole natural vegetables, fruits, healthy fat, beans, and legumes are all great options.

Some of my favorite nutrient dense foods are seaweeds and raw natural cacao. Both of these foods are loaded with energy supporting compounds, vitamins, and minerals, and can be easily added into your next meal.

Use Adaptogen Herbs

Adaptogens are a class of herbal medicines that help to protect the body from the effects of stress. Adaptogens balance, support, and calm the bodies stress systems and help you to adapt to a changing environment. They are also some of the safest and non-toxic herbal medicine we have and are especially good for long term use. As always, I recommend checking with your health care provider before any new health regimen.

Two common adaptogen herbs that can be used for low energy are Reishi mushroom and Ashwagandha. These herbal medicines are considered tonic herbs along with being adaptogens, because they’ll give you more energy when you’re depleted or fatigued. Reishi and Ashwagandha are nourishing and calming, so even though they boost your energy they won’t make you feel wired or cause an energy crash later.