So let’s take a taboo topic called menopause out of the closet. After all, it is normal for women to stop periods at a particular time (between 40 and 58 years)[1]of their lives. What is not normal is experiencing symptoms typically associated with menopause like hot flashes, night sweats, fogginess, fatigue, tiredness, weight gain, loss of libido, lack of sleep, mood swings and more. 

We live in an era where more than ever before women are starting and owning their own companies[2]. Many of these women are struggling with the symptoms associated with menopause that interfere with their quality of life, productivity, and many women prefer not to use hormones (to avoid the risk of their side effects like strokes, heart attacks, breast cancer[3]

There is good news for these women. There are non-invasive natural ways to bring health back to normal during and after this amazing time in women’s lives– yes, you read correctly: AMAZING- called menopause, through natural foods and lifestyle practices which results in more productivity in their businesses, careers, and relationships. 

All this time, women have been prescribed hormones to treat the symptoms associated with menopause even though science doesn’t know what causes the symptoms, like for instance hot flashes; they are still a mystery for science. This is what science says about this topic: “HFs have been studied for many decades, but their etiology is yet to be discovered.”[4]

Another article at Pub Med Health states: “Scientists believe that the reduced hormone production in the ovaries during menopause affects the regulation of women’s body temperature. But, it is not known for sure what causes hot flashes.” [5] If this is a belief but not scientific proof, it means other causes can originate hot flashes, not necessarily reduced hormone production.

There was an experiment, that makes sense and solves the mystery, by a Harvard educated medical doctor that goes to the cause of the symptoms and shows the link between the overload of toxins in the blood when women no longer have menstrual cycles and a clogged liver that can not cope with them. The toxins floating in the blood causes all these symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes and all the other symptoms. What is logical is removing toxins from the body via the colon (bowel movements) which is the preferred path, rather than the skin (hot flashes and night sweats).

So what can we do now?

4 Natural Ways to Eliminate the Symptoms:

1. Hydrate

Drink 1-liter of water for every 60 pounds of body weight. Distilled or reverse osmosis water are the favorites.

“It’s important that pure water comprise the majority of liquids consumed daily in order to cool the body and cleanse the blood, cells, and organs of toxins and wastes. Water is also essential for maintaining and regulating healthy bowel function and peristalsis.”[6]

There are too many chemicals, parasites, industrial waste, and pharmaceutical in our water[7]; that requires purification before we drink it.

2. Increase bowel movements

Have three bowel movements a day. Because the liver dumps its toxins into the colon, you need to be sure the colon is open and working well to move the toxins out of the body.

Achieve this goal by:

Following a 100% organic plant-based diet, rich in real, natural whole foods (not processed) that contain lots of fiber, helps your body to have more bowel movements to eliminate toxins.

Enemas. Use one quart warm to touch (about 105 F) distilled water.

Overnight soaked flax seed or chia seeds.  Drink them first thing in the morning.

*Bonus: Flushing toxins help you lose weight.[8]

3.Liver support

Coffee enemas The caffeine in coffee dilates the liver’s bile ducts, facilitating elimination of toxins trapped in the liver[9].

Milk thistle[10]covers each liver cell and protects it from being killed by the toxins.

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that protects the liver against free radical damage from normal metabolism, pollutants, and toxins that cause cellular damage.

4. Clean up the diet

Feed the body properly using100% organically grown whole foods, whole grains, beans, as well as fresh local, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Stop the processed foods and junk foods. Small amounts of quality animal products like eggs, grass-fed meat and others are ok if you like them. 

You will start seeing noticeable changes in your overall health and appearance following the recommendations in this article. If you want to experience a happy transition to menopause, the adoption of healthy dietary and lifestyle choices is a must, it produces results!



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[6]From the book: “Food Energetics” Steve Gagne page 527