Diabetes is a serious chronic disease that affects millions of people worldwide. According to research, about 70% of people are already affected by the disease. However, some people are attacked by diabetes through a family history of genes and age naturally.

Uncontrolled cases of diabetes can cause other diseases like; heart disease, kidney failure, and blindness among some other serious conditions. Nevertheless, you can control diabetes if only you follow the points below carefully to lower the risks of getting the disease.

1. Lose Weight

Weight loss is a vital role in diabetes prevention. Being overweight increases your chances of developing diabetes. Therefore, you can cut off your weight by losing five to ten percent of your current weight.


By being consistent in doing physical exercise, you ensure you don’t gain back the weight you lost thus lowers your risks of getting the disease. You should also not deprive your body sleep because sleep deprivation increases obesity and raises your chances to get diabetes. Therefore, it’s recommendable to get enough sleep about six hours a day.

2. Get Regular Exercise

Performing physical exercise has many health benefits. Exercising helps to lower your blood sugar level that can be a primary cause of diabetes.

Doing severe training about thirty minutes a day improves tissue sensitivity increasing insulin which may help to prevent diabetes. If there is a decrease of insulin in your body, your probability of obtaining diabetes is at high risk. Therefore it’s advisable to do some activities like jogging, swimming, jumping, walking, and climbing short hills.

3. Quit Smoking

Smoking is a primary cause of diabetes. Smoking makes your body resistant to insulin which can lead to higher blood sugar levels to cause diabetes. Therefore, quitting smoking it can help you to lower your risks of getting diabetes.

4. Healthier lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle contributes a lot in preventing diabetes. To stay and remain healthy in this case, you must take nutritious foods. For example; fruits, vegetables, proteins, fish, nuts, and plenty of whole grains. These foods help to lower your blood sugar level and insulin which can cause diabetes if not controlled. Moreover, you also minimize calories, fat, and calories in the body which causes you to be overweight and thereby you increase your risk to get diabetes.

Water plays another vital role in making you healthy. When you take about two liters of water a day, it helps in controlling your blood sugar and insulin level because water contains fiber that lowers your blood sugar and insulin to decrease your chances of getting diabetes. Nevertheless, it’s also recommendable to consume foods high in vitamin D which can assist optimize vitamin D blood levels diabetes.


Although diabetes has affected many people, you can control diabetes only if you follow the steps above carefully. Play your role to prevent diabetes by making sure you set aside thirty minutes a day for your physical exercises, consuming foods with nutrients, reducing calories and fat consumption. Also by quitting smoking and cut off your weight for you to be on the safe side.

And by so doing you will be on the front line to help the affected on how to prevent diabetes and lower the risks of getting diabetes.