Probably one of the most clichéd answer given by a successful person in an interview is, ‘Positive thinking is what made me what I am,’ and you sit on your couch judging them for being such snobbish and diplomatic people. This happens, right?

But what if I told you they are actually telling the truth about the relationship of success and positive thinking? It’s if fact true that keeping your mind in the direction of light and positivity can be a huge factor in your endeavour for success. What if I told you that doing small things that make you smile may actually be the decisive factors in your productivity quotient of the day? All this sounds too good to be actually true, I know. But I’m here to tell you that it actually makes sense and by the time you finish reading this write-up, you will agree with me, that is a guarantee.

What is success? It’s a relative term; it’s not Lamborghini cars and a penthouse in New York. This term means separate things for different people that come from different places, backgrounds, communities, and interests. But if there was one common element in all the definitions of success, it is – it needs one to be better than they were yesterday – agreed?

I was onto a research on the internet before I had to write my assignment for my class the next day. This was when I found some context for compiling this list of some useful techniques and/or tips that might be useful to you if you’re looking for training your mind to develop a positive mind set.

  • Start your day with something positive. This might be as trivial as making your bed, eating what you like for breakfast, or listening to your favourite music. Doing things that induce happiness or satisfaction in your mind will make you look at the next task with the same positivity, which will lead to that task being accomplished properly. This is a chain that will ensure that you make it through your day in high spirits and are satisfied at the end of it.
  • Sometimes all you need is a ten-second happiness break. It can be as simple and random as stopping on a street and watching a cat doing stupid things. This will amuse you and make you smile. You will forget all your worries for those ten seconds and make your brain positive again.
  • Accept that failures will happen. Failures can be as trivial as missing a bus or train and being late to school or work. But if you have trained your mind to think beyond being disappointed on failures, you can make sure that you’re not negatively affected by the failures. In which case, you will be in a state to analyze your mistake and actually learn from them, which is very important part of being successful.

Surround yourself with positive minded people and you’ll find that it is much easier to cope with difficult situations. I’ll give you an example – a few days earlier, I was depressed about something that happened that day. I was sitting in my room spreading gloom. My roommate, all of a sudden, asks me, ‘dude will you write my paper for me while I’m busy making you laugh?’ And it made me laugh – that’s the kind of person you should be around.

Positive thinking may not be the only thing that is required to be successful, but it is definitely the most important one.


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