Negative thinking harms your mental and physical health way more than you think it can. It steals your wisdom, disrupts the way you think and kills productivity.

Here are 4 practical ways to press the pause button on your negative thoughts right now:

1. Change The Way You Think

When everything seems to be working against us, we only see the dark side of the situation because we are in panicking mode. We overreact to everything because our wisdom is controlled by negative thinking.

Well, it’s quite natural! But you should not forget sometimes there are not only two sides of a situation i.e. only black and white. Situations have grey sides as well. But we often fail to realize this truth.

Therefore, change your perspective towards your situation which will inspire you to have positive self-talk and help you reach a solution.

2. Analyze Carefully

Write your situation on paper & try to analyze it. Remind yourself: It is not the first time when you are encountering a terrific situation. So remember those experiences of how you came out of that particular situation.

Say it to yourself: I am going to find a solution this time too. I am going to come out of this very soon. Analyze its future outcomes and focus on mitigating the negative effects of your current situation on your future.

Just calm yourself down because you are born with a fighting spirit!

3. See The Bigger Picture

No matter how much big trouble you are going through, you should learn to see the bigger picture. Always remember, time is powerful. If it’s against you today, tomorrow it’s going to turn in favor of you.

And nobody knows, a situation which is looking unpleasant today might turn into a favorable one tomorrow. Have faith in the goodness of nature.

In between, try mindfulness, practice yoga and take a laughter class.

4. Turn Your Anger Into Action

Sometimes negative thoughts hit your mind because of your failures. It is quite understandable that it is natural to get disheartened at times.

But you have to be strong because you can not afford to lose your battles. Hence when you find yourself amidst a situation that signify you are losing everything, work with double force even if you don’t see results.

After a certain time, you will get surprised to see that your hard work has paid off.

This article was originally published at TrendToFit.