As a new entrepreneur, I always felt the need to do more with my time every day as I did not find myself much productive.

After three years of being in business, I have realized that becoming an entrepreneur requires more than just the knowledge of running the company and, to improve your productivity, has actually nothing to do with your work knowledge hence I have shared a few hacks which I apply every day to improve my work productivity;

1. Prioritize Your Health:

Working for your own company means no set number of working hours and most of the time you will see yourself pulling up an all-nighter hence it will take a toll on your health. I did the same mistake for a few years which started taking a toll on my health and, I, later on, realized that to give my best at work, I need to remain healthy hence nowadays I make sure to limit my working hours and take out time for workout and relaxation as well and, of-course I never skip my 8 hours of sleep.

2. Minimize Distractions:

Many times, distraction at work such as getting alerts and messages may be a major reason why you are unable to concentrate on what needs to be done at work. I have to admit, I had a major addiction to my smartphone which consumed a lot of time in my day but soon I realized how it is affecting my productivity and I started staying away from my phone while at work and my productivity shot up.

3. Invest in Your Office Space:

When I started my company, I wanted to save as much capital as I could hence I rented out a small space in a corner of the city and bought old furniture for the office but in a few months not only me but a few of my employees faced back and shoulder pain due to the long travels and bad posture at work which made me realize how important it is to have an office at a nearby location. I also discarded all the old furniture and invested in ergonomic chairs.

4. Provide a Change of Scenery:

I have a nice cabin in my office, but I get claustrophobic after a few hours of working in the same space which makes me slow at work hence I like to keep changing my work location by moving around the office. People do not like to be seated at their desk for 8 hours of their job hence create a workspace with different work zones where you can place couches for your employees to sit and work for a change of scenery.

In Conclusion:

Actually, before even starting my own business, I assumed that the only challenge I would face is finding an investor but Audentia actually helped me finance my business quite smoothly and that was not at all a challenge to me.

The real challenge was to be able to make a profit out of the invested money, by giving 100% at work.

Being an entrepreneur needs you to constantly learn from your mistakes and grow and while there is a never-ending list of improving work productivity, the above-mentioned hacks improved my productivity exponentially and hope this does the same for you.