I know how it seems to stay far from home, money issues and skipping meals go hand in hand. I still remember that time, when I used to stay in London with my boyfriend. Money was our primary concern. In starting, we used to eat out only. Going to expensive shisha lounges in London, was our daily hobby. Shopping from luxury brands was my hobby, which I know was not okay but I was addicted. Throwing money for leisure, fun, trending gadgets and other dicey things became the essential part of our life. Though we know the power of the money, and very soon we realise it. That was a beautiful day in London when we thought of dining out and having no money. And, then we both commit to save money and work harder.

How communication help us?

Love might conquer all, but in a relationship, money matters the most and the sometimes awkward conversations related to finance lead to a terrible break-up. In my case, my boyfriend and I patiently handle our financial problems. We communicate, and that’s the essential part of a relationship. With this, we get to know each other a little more.

Why finance matters the most in a relationship?

Money matters because of the expectations that come with it and as a couple you should know what your limitations are? So, naturally having an open word of money or finance makes the relationship stronger with your partner time-to-time. But for some lovey-dovey couples, money becomes a more vaguely joint effort as the relationship moves forward.

Here is the consequence to this: If you are living together, you are supposed to pay bill together, new couch for the living room, crockery etc. Your financial properties become the relationships’ economic priorities. So, before you start saying “this is my money” learn why money matters in a relation.

Sometimes, its’ okay to ask for the money:

Knowing how much your partner is earning or have is important. I’m not asking you to check the bank statement but yeah, if you guys are planning future together than it matters. And what if, he/she is earning more than you think, but not giving you while asking. Then it could be a heartbreaking situation for you. Sometimes, supporting your partner financially, or helping them in getting a residential mortgage in London is like riding on a Cinderella horse-carriage.

A relationship should be equal:

Decide what means you the most in a relationship. Some people take “equal” means a 50/50 of a total split in finances. Apparently, both parties don’t ready to make an equal contribution, either they feel uncomfortable or not willing to share the rent? At that time, money becomes the critical point of argument, and knowingly or unknowingly we fight with our partner and ends the heated conversation enough fit of rage.

You need to have similar financial properties:

The best part of a relationship is that when you both have same dreams like getting rich and having own office – where you are the boss! If you guys work keeping this in your mind and communicate daily how to move further and how can we achieve this, then I’m sure you could able to save more and getting strong financially and mentally, both.

Never, fight for money:

If you don’t pay attention to your account, then inevitably you would end up competing with each other. Respecting and communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Suppose, if your partner is saving for their next dreamy office or home, then you should support them in selecting a right commercial mortgage broker rather than boiling. It’s important to pay attention to all small things and make sure that you both have clear thought regarding the finance.

P.S: Maintaining relationships is not hard, which we make it. If one person goes wrong, it’s our duty to hold them. If your partner is angry with your foolishness, cherish them with sending beautiful bouquets at their work-space. 


  • Shruti sood


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