There are quite a few people – from all walks of life, genders, religions, colours, and creeds that have now distanced themselves from the animal slaughtering meat fest that once satiated their bloodthirsty glands, and in lieu have sought out a more healthy and less murderous way of satisfying their innate comestible cravings of devouring meat.

Today’s stats suggest that since 2005 to the present, the rise in the vegan populace has augmented to well over 350% worldwide.

The US alone can boast over a million vegans, whilst its neighbour from across the pond; the UK, is not far behind, with close to 600,000 converts.

So, what’s all the brouhaha over veganism, and why are so many meat eaters deserting the sanguinary steaks, beef etc for the pastures of greenery and rainbows?

Animal Welfare:
No longer would you be an accomplice to the inhumane and unnecessary sufferings towards other sentient life forms that co-inhabit the earth with us, as arrogated to those bereft of empathy towards the same sentient beings.

By making the transition to vegan, you open up a Pandora’s Box of health benefits that would otherwise be near nonexistent as an omnivore; i.e., heightened perception, alertness, increased energy, lower blood pressure, clear glowing skin, less gastrointestinal irritation, and an overall improvement to your immune system and bodily functions.

Spiritual Awakening:
Through veganism, the liberation of the mind, body and soul occurs – serenity, utopia, altruism, self discovery, self-compassion, moral ethics; compassion and respect for others – animals (abstinence from all dairy products) and humans alike; an awakening to the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Avoiding excessive meat consumption is immensely beneficial to our planet, and thus would greatly reduce carbon footprint.

Caveat an about-face to vegan diet is by no means an easy fete. And as Yoga Instructor and Sales Executive Jarmila Vazanova will testify, it takes dedication, willingness, resoluteness of mind, and perseverance in the face of adversity (friends and family questioning your reasons and/or motives).

The 33-year-old from Bratislava, Slovakia has been through the highs and lows of staying on the vegan track – fell off the wagon and jumped right back on, then fell off again, but now she’s determined more than ever to stay the course, only this time her trajectory towards total vegan is altogether different – she’s going Raw Vegan.

Vazanova is keen to underscore her role as a staunch paladin of the vegan movement, and she had this to say:

“It’s not easy to follow a strict plant based vegan diet since we are overwhelmed by processed unhealthy foods everywhere around us; only about 10% should be considered as edible. Human beings are the only species who are confused about what they consume. I often get confronted with the question “where do I get my protein from if I’m on a strict plant based vegan diet, and I have two answers for this:

1. First think of the largest animals in the world (Elephants & hippos) where do they get their protein from to achieve such bulk?

2. When you think of toddlers; breastfeeding only amounts to 1 percent of protein, 4 percent of lipids, and 9 percent of carbohydrates. Now what does this tell you? The most important ingredient is carbohydrates; we definitely don’t require as much protein as we think we do. In fact, it could be really damaging to our bodies if we exceed the amount of protein, yet we do it on a daily basis. I look at the body from the science of chemistry, and in point of fact, too much protein creates acidity in our body – which has a corrosive and damaging effect to our bodily cells.”

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