Whether or not you’ve been “glamping,” you might’ve heard the buzz word more often this year. It’s a more accessible and familiar version of camping for those that love the outdoors but want amenities they’re more familiar with. Think: staying in a remote area with little light pollution, but still having a controlled indoor climate, a full bathroom, real furniture, and all the other small luxuries of home. You’ve got to admit, it sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you want to stargaze without taking a lesson in survival.

I recently ventured on my first glamping experience in Jackson Hole, WY. You take a sharp left on the main road, drive up a mountain for about 15 minutes with no cell service and we found ourselves in a magical cabin on Lower Slide Lake. In the morning, the sunlight leaked into our cabin to wake us up with positive energy; at night, the stars sparkled as the rustling leaves whispered goodnight.

Photo by Martin Robles on Unsplash

While you’re building your 2020 bucket list and resolutions, here’s why you need to add glamping to the list:

Choose Your Own Adventure

Glamping just has to fulfill a “glamorous” element of the traditional camping experience. But, you can make of it what you’d like. We found this gem using Glamping Hub, which is the leading online platform to find unique accommodations like this one. There’s everything from yurts, treehouses, cabins, restored trailers, unique locations with epic views and more. While you’re there, many hosts can also coordinate adventures for you to take the experience to the next level. Using Glamping Hub made it easy to find, book and check-in…no matter where in the world you’re trying to go.

Nature, Without the Stress

A little fresh air can help just about anyone. And that’s something glamping guarantees. You’ll be spending much-needed time outdoors without having to figure out exactly how to do it. You’ll be able to benefit your physical and mental health by taking light walks, meditating outside and gazing at the natural beauty around you.

Give Your Burnout a Break

If you’re working around the clock and looking for a unique way to break the routine this is it. Waking up to a forest full of trees, the wide-open ocean, endless mountain sights, and more will feel like your very own personal retreat no matter where you are. New experiences and stepping out of your comfort zone will restore your mind so that you can return home refreshed and ready to tackle anything.

It’s Earth-Friendly

If you’re looking to travel more sustainably, most of these accommodations will fit the bill. With glamping, less is more. The energy and materials used in the construction and management of hotel chains can be quite high, but glamping accommodations take advantage of the resources around it. Thanks, Planet Earth.

I still call this my favorite vacation because we were able to truly disconnect from the world around us during a time where we truly needed it most. I can’t wait for my next glamping adventure. If you need inspiration, here’s what I did on my most recent road trip through Wyoming and Montana!


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