We all have things that we want out of life, but sometimes we are the ones who sabotage our best efforts. Once you realize that it’s YOU holding yourself back, you have to be willing to make the changes that have to happen to turn your life around. According to Jen Groover, author of the book The MORE Method, there are 4 things that people do that holds them back from meeting their life goals.

1) They are not clear and must get more focused in achieving clarity- It’s hard to reach your goals when you’re not clear what they are! You have to determine what it is your REALLY want, and focus on that. Lose all the distractions, and don’t let yourself get bogged down. Make a firm plan, and STICK TO IT.
2) They don’t believe they are worthy or capable of having what they desire. Everyone has doubts, that’s normal, but one thing you should never doubt is your own worth! First and foremost, know that you deserve to live the life you want, and you are 100% capable of getting it. It might not happen overnight, but it will happen! You have to make a plan and stick with it! You can and will do it!
3) They have beliefs and behaviors that block them from what they desire. Sometimes things that we believe or the ways we act are the biggest obstacles to our reaching our goals and dreams. You have to be open to change to make differences in our lives. You can’t be the best selling author if you’re not willing to put aside time to write.
4) They are not more intentional about how they live their daily life to get more of what they desire. You know that old saying if you want it something you have to work for it? Well, it’s true! You have to make your goals and working towards them a GOAL each and every day.

Jen’s Method helps you learn how to NOT do the things that hold you back. The MORE Method teaches people how to get more of everything they desire in life by; mastering their mindset, beliefs and physiological state, understanding the power of perspectives, elevating their relationships, and understanding the expansiveness of their potential in all aspects of life by teaching the inter-connectivity of psychology, emotional intelligence, nutrition, physiology, neuroscience, philosophy, quantum physics, metaphysics, and Buddhism.

When you’re not getting what you want out of life, it can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. There’s a Method to help you get to where you want to be. All it takes is some gumption, courage, and initiative!


  • Wendy Del Monte

    Wendy Del Monte

    I'm living life fully as embrace middle age, help end the stigma of mental illness, get healthy and prep for the Zombie Apocalypse! Anti-bullying advocate for both kids AND Parents.