Who could fake better is the competition!

We all have seen the happy family pictures being posted on social media. Is it all true or fake? Some are while others are not.

Fake it till you make it
Show off to the world
What you are not

Why is the need so strong
Something that is wrong
Is it worth the shit
Only to fit

The show is on
Innocence is gone
Falseness is accepted
Originality is rejected

We all know the kinds who do so! But, the bigger question is why do they do it?

Some reasons why people live a false life on social media:

1) Fake a lifestyle

  • Their own life is not that happening so they decide to fool everyone on social media by faking a false life.
  • The pressure to fit in the society is so high that they fake it if they can not make it.
  • If they can not afford a happy and glamorous lifestyle in reality they come on social media to fake it.
  • They wear a false mask to show off a false life and smile that doesn’t come from a genuine place and intent.

2) Hiding something

  • If something seems to be shady chances are it is shady. Glitter is not always gold.
  • People make use of this platform to mask their current situation.
  • The more miserable they are in real life the happier they try to look on social media.
  • Hiding their current location, status, or emotions by posting older pictures.

3) Competition

  • It is to compete with their family, friends, and foes.
  • If they do not like someone they would try to post to have a better life than them.
  • An intention to put someone down or to rub it on their faces if it triggers them.
  • If they know someone would react to a post they would post it for sure even if they have to fake it to appear real.

4) Being Popular

  • A game of likes and comments and people go to any extent to gain it.
  • To meet a certain benchmark that they think they should achieve.
  • To have the approval of their friends and social circle.
  • They think everyone is doing it so they should follow the norm.

What is the takeaway message from here?

People fake it on social media for several different reasons but mainly because they have a miserable life and they want to make you believe what they show.

Author: Preeti Singh
She just released her new book – Lost in the Dark, you may find a copy of it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Link: https://m.barnesandnoble.com/s/In+the+darkness+preeti+singh