Have you ever thought that why Scandinavians most happy people in the world? Could they have a life secret or life philosophies? We know a few popular Scandinavian philosophies recently, and perhaps we’ve even tried to bring them into our lives. Hygge, Lykke, and Lagom are just a few of them. These 3 philosophies, thanks to books, we understood some of the reasons underlying the happiness of the Northerners. But is it limited to these? Of course, it’s not. Here are four life philosophies from Scandinavian that will make you happy and worth a try:


Danes have one word that helps them cope with stress: PYT. Danes have chosen “pyt” as their favourite word in a competition organized by the Danish Association of libraries. The word Pyt doesn’t have a complete English translation, but it is a word that describes being able to accept situations that are beyond your control, no matter how annoying and demoralizing it may be. In short, instead of overreacting and blaming someone, they leave it behind by saying “pyt.”


A beautiful Norwegian philosophy that reminds us again of our connection with nature: Friluftsliv.This word, first found in Henrik Ibsen’s poem, is about spending more time in nature, emptying our minds, and breathing fresh air into us. We know, of course, that nature has always been good to us, but sometimes we can’t remember because stuck in a rush of life. We need to keep in mind that we need to reconnect with nature.


Sisu is the Finnish concept associated with being brave. Sisu doesn’t exactly have a translation like pyt, but it’s a unique concept that reminds us that we have to be brave, no matter how tough the situation we are. The origin of this word dates back to the Second World War. It is known as a word that reminds the Finns of their brave souls and motivates them. Also, according to Times Magazine, Sisu philosophy is the most popular trend in the world.


Arbejdsglæde is a Danish word meaning happiness at work. In short, it can be explained as feeling good about the job you’re doing and being happy to go to work. It’s important for Danes to be happy at work as well as in everyday life. The Danes have focused their attention on arbejdsglæde. Why? Because, according to research, happy people work in a 20% more efficient and motivating way than unhappy colleagues.
Scandinavians have many good reasons to be happy. Being happy is a culture of life for them; these philosophies are just part of it. The “Happiness Research Institute” in Denmark is one of the proofs of how much they care about happiness.

Who knows, maybe it is possible for us to capture happiness by taking inspiration from northern philosophies. ?