Navigating life’s obstacles can make it difficult to stay on a clear path to reaching our goals. Because of this, it’s easy to see why we often struggle to make our dreams a reality. However, there’s one way to tear down limiting beliefs and live the life of our dreams: through the art of manifestation.

This is something Christina Medina knows all too well after having witnessed firsthand the benefits of manifesting her reality. Having left home at 17, after witnessing her family struggle with PTSD and substance abuse, she went through many struggles to get where she is today. Now she is a life coach, podcast host, reiki instructor, and real estate expert, among many other things. Here are the 4 secrets of manifestation that helped Christina transform her life for the better…

1. Use Failure to Your Advantage 

Part of manifesting is getting out of your own way and removing the limiting beliefs you have. For example, you may struggle with low-self esteem and often tell yourself ‘I can’t do this’. However, this subconscious belief can really alter whether we actually make our dreams a reality. These limiting beliefs can often take over our minds in situations of ‘failure’. However, Christina wants people to understand that failure is a part of reaching the ultimate goal. It’s a way of teaching us self-growth and showing different ways to reach our highest self. 

Christina, herself, once felt like a failure. After losing her job (during the 2001 dot-com bubble burst), she decided to follow her dream to work in the art world. She went back to university to study, despite being an older student, with high expectations for her future career. However, it wasn’t to be. She lost her first art gallery position in 2008 during the 2007-2009 recession, and at the following job took a steep pay cut, forcing her to return to bartending. What’s more, she was also going through a divorce and using alcohol as a coping mechanism for her perceived ‘failures’. 

One morning, Christina woke up and decided enough was enough. It was time for her to use those failures to help her visualize what she really wanted and start taking action to make that happen. She knew she was the only person that could make her dreams a reality, so it was necessary to remove the blocks in her way. That day, she walked into a yoga studio, took a job, and began learning about manifestation, meditation, and reiki; beginning her transformational journey.

2. Tap Into Your Intuitive Powers

Christina Medina sees herself as someone who’s made mistakes and learned the hard way, and these days she is a master of self-love and a guru on all things intuition. She believes this is one of the key ingredients for manifesting the things you desire in your life. By tapping into her own intuition, and believing in her soul to guide the way, she was able to completely transform her life. 

This wasn’t always the case. In fact, during Christina’s life coaching journey, she had many moments where she had to remind herself about self-love. One such moment was in 2011, shortly after she had qualified as a life coach. At this time, she felt confident that she was crushing her goals and was on the right path to success. However, it soon became clear that her coaching business wasn’t bringing in enough money to pay the bills, or for her to leave bartending. This helped Christina realize she still had blockages within her abundance mindset. Putting her plans into action, she left bartending and began pursuing work in real estate. Christina was still coaching and real estate gave her the opportunities to make thousands of dollars in a single transaction which she used to fund her coaching business.

She decided to apply the mindset techniques to real estate, a new industry that Christina hoped would bring her much more money. This mindset practice is what she credits to her quick rise in the industry. This is when things really began to change. Christina rose quickly to the top in real estate and reached an income she had only ever dreamed of. However, something didn’t feel right. Christina was certainly ‘successful’ according to societal beliefs. She was financially well-off and at the peak of her career. Yet, for some reason, she felt lonely, unhappy, and unfulfilled. Tapping into her intuition, she realized she was still making too much room in her life for toxic codependent relationships, and she was failing to set boundaries. In short, Christina lost sight of her mission and the self-love that she knew was not in alignment with her higher vision. This was stopping her from manifesting true happiness. 

3. Visualization is Everything

Taking herself away from New York, Christina headed for Paris for a short break. This turned into a 6-week trip when Hurricane Sandy hit, closing airports in NYC, and leaving Christina stranded. She used this time to decide what it was she really wanted from life, realizing that New York was her home and somewhere she wanted to put down roots. For this to happen, she knew she needed to be successful financially but also in her relationships and her soul. In gaining this perspective, she began to visualize her dream life in her daily meditations. During this time, she would also reaffirm to herself that she was worthy, committed, and open to everything the universe may bring her. 

The visualizations worked and Christina returned to New York, where she began working independently in real estate. What’s more, she began offering mindset workshops to other realtors, teaching them about manifestation, self-growth, and an abundance mindset. She began to see that all her manifestation practice was meant to bring her to this point: helping others find their true purpose on this planet. 

4. Practice Gratitude

By practicing gratitude in the present, we are naturally more likely to bring things into our life that we desire. Following this idea, Christina decided to stop taking action and instead appreciate all that she had achieved so far. She felt gratitude for her financial situation, the healthy relationships she was developing, and the rewarding work she was doing. 

In practicing gratitude, she manifested the next step in her unique journey: developing her podcast ‘Mindset to Manifestation’. She had finally brought her dream into reality through all her manifestation practices and could teach others how to do the same through her podcast. 

Now, the podcast helps listeners tap into their intuition and find their soul’s purpose, whatever that may be. Christina is hopeful that through listening to the natural flow of each episode, people will be able to learn the art of manifestation. In learning this, she believes people will be able to align with their highest frequency in order to bring true happiness into their lives. Her soothing voice, and motivational positivity, have already helped many people uncover the magic they have within. 

Christina’s inspiring ‘rags to riches’ story and her transformational journey, which was always being redefined, resonates with many. Above all, it shows us that with a little practice, everyone is worthy and capable of manifesting a dream life.