When was the last time you set a health goal and achieved it? It’s unfortunate that most people take so much time at the beginning of every year to set goals but very few accomplish those plans. It’s about time you break the vicious cycle and start delivering results you can proudly tweet and share about.

Here are 4 simple strategies to achieve your health goals.

1. Find a Support System

Your environment and social surrounding play a great role in whether you achieve your goals or not. For example, it’s easy deciding to lose weight. But how do you stick to that when those around you are comfortable snacking on crisps and having fries whenever they feel like? The solution is getting a support system – people around you that share your vision and keep you accountable. A support system helps you focus on the goal. It can comprise of people from anywhere; your office, social media platforms, your gym, or (if you’re lucky) your family members.

2. Have a Purpose

Why do you want to exercise anyway? Why is it important for you to lose weight?

Don’t set goals for the sake of having a goal. If you do so you are more likely to fail when faced with challenges. Having a purpose for your wellness goals and even writing it down becomes your driving force to reaching that target. Maybe you want to join a marathon this year, so you’re building endurance by exercising more. Or you want to fit into your wedding dress, hence your goal to lose weight. Whatever your purpose is, this is what motivates you to keep pushing when the going gets tough. Never underestimate the power of a purpose-driven goal.

3. Create Smaller Goals that Build Up to the Ultimate Goal

Let’s say your ultimate goal is to lose 23 pounds by the end of the year; do you feel so overwhelmed that you can’t even step into the gym? That’s not surprising. Big goals can be daunting. It helps to break things down into milestones that are less intimidating, this way your focus is on a smaller goal that’s easier to achieve. When you begin taking down those milestones, you quickly build the courage to achieve your bigger goals.

4. Reward Yourself

This is the best part and probably the easiest to do. When you start seeing progress in your health goals, take pride in the job well done. Reward yourself with something you always wanted, don’t wait till the very end to do this. It brings about positive reinforcement which boosts your morale. Every milestone conquered is worth a little celebration so strive to increase your motivation by doing this once in a while.

The Bottom Line

All in all, consistency is the basis of achieving any goal in life: your health goals are no different. Once you master consistency, you can achieve anything. Implement these strategies to do that and get ready to say hello to the new you.


  • Catherine Nyorani-Wafula

    Freelance Writer | Blogger | Medical Doctor


    Catherine Nyorani-Wafula is a blogger, medical doctor and freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting and blogging services. As a writer, her specialty is digital marketing, blogging and freelance writing. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses creating unique, engaging and high conversion content. When she’s not busy with word slinging, you’ll find her sightseeing with her husband, engaged in church activities, hanging out with friends or watching movies. To hire her visit her website catethewriter.com