A crazy and hectic routine is the most common thing today. People don’t have any idea how are they killing their own self in their daily lives.

Everybody is in a rush, nobody wishes to waste a single second. 

But are you doing it the right way?

Is that all you can give to your work?


You may think that you’re doing your best but you have no idea what your real potential is.

4 Simple Tips to 10x your Productivity-

A little twist that you can add in your daily routine and unleash the full potential without making your life suffer.

Let the first 1 hour of the day be yours

The most effective hour of the day is the first hour after you wake up. Your mind and body is in the best condition during that time. 

Your mind is fresh and your body is ready for the new day.

Now most of the people spend this time in reading newspaper or news on smart phones. But that’s not the way you should use it.

Just ignore everything else and do what you really love to do at that time.

Give yourself that one hour and let your mind and body do what it likes to do.

This will just not make you happy but will also help you in mastering anything you wish to.

Write Everyday

Not just writers need to write everyday but everybody who knows how to write.

Writing is an ultimate therapy, it helps you to realize what you think and get the voice out of you.

Especially if you are an introvert, writing will help you to level up your communication skills and also get the emotions out of your head into a sheet of paper.

You can write whatever you wish to, a daily journal, poems, articles or just a paragraph about what you wish to do today.


It might sound old school but is the most effective thing that one can do everyday.

Meditation has numerous benefits like-

It improves concentration.

Keeps your mind and body healthy.

Reduces stress.

Slows down ageing

and many more.

If you do meditation on a regular basis, you’ll yourself find that how it has affected your daily life in a positive way.

All you need to do is meditate of just about 15 minutes a day.

Read More and More

I know you have smartphones but still I would recommend to read books.

Reading will just not help you to gain knowledge but will also help you to stimulate imagination.

Imagination is important in any job or business you are involved in. 

Imagination gives you a vision and vision helps you to grow your business.

The more you read the more you’ll get new ideas and the more productive you’ll be.

Set a goal of reading at least two books a month.

Just after some days you’ll start noticing how it has imrpoved your productivity.