remote employees

As we continue to navigate a new remote-centric work environment, companies are asking the questions: How do we keep our remote workers engaged, motivated and empowered? 

In this article, you’ll find 4 amazing ways to empower your remote employees and motivate them.

1. Have Regular 1-on-1 Remote Meetings

One of the most basic tasks that you can undertake to show that you care for your employees is to have a regular one on one meetings. Even though you might have team meetings, one-on-one conversations ensure that your employee is in free space to discuss the challenges they encounter in their job.

You can organize such discussions once a week. Take this as an opportunity to ask your employees if they face any particular issue or any changes they’d like in the workplace.

2. Equip Your Remote Team with the Right Tools

Thanks to the technology, more than a few apps are making remote working more comfortable than ever. Right from virtual performance recognition to coffee with your colleagues, you can enjoy the typical office environment using several apps.

You can use tools like Slack, Zoom, MS Teams, etc. Apart from these, you can also provide your employees with access to smoother communication tools across multiple teams and platforms that facilitate online polls, quizzes, etc.

3. Help Your Employees Setup their Home Office

Since working in a remote environment is going to stay in for an extended period, employees must be prepared to set up a work station at home.

As a leader, you can help your employees with this task. For example, you can dedicate some employees’ funds to your organization and help your employees set up their home office with the necessary infrastructure. This could mean furniture, a good internet connection, among others.

While this is a crisis for everyone, taking this measure will make your employees feel valued and increase their productivity.

4. Celebrate Positive Results

Take some time out to celebrate the achievements and milestones of your employees. Send them a virtual card or an Amazon gift voucher to celebrate the day. You can highlight the same in the organization and let everyone congratulate your employees for their achievement.

Even though these things might seem small, their recognition has a significant impact on employees’ motivation.