Pandemic or not, stuck in a lockdown or stuck in the office, we’ve all had days when we are feeling sad and bleak. This state of being in a dull mindset, feeling low for no reason has surfaced quite a bit in the past 2 years. We all have days when we don’t feel like doing anything. We just want to lie in our beds wandering aimlessly. Food doesn’t taste that good and nothing can lift our moods. Our body aches and energy levels are at an all-time low. Scrolling on phones and social media is what we resort to. Even though at the back of our mind we are aware that happy faces on Instagram are a result of filters, our serotonin levels fall, making us feel even more anxious and depressed than before.

In such times small acts of affection from loved ones can make a big difference. A bear hug, a warm cup of coffee, reminiscing down memory lane with old photos, a walk in the park with a friend, a cycle ride, the aroma of the baking cake or just sitting in the same room can lift the mood and spirits.

Thanks to Social distancing, we haven’t been able to meet friends and family as frequently as we like. In this time of video calls catch-ups and zoom parties, here are 4 ways to cheer up someone.

1. Share Affirmation Cards

An affirmation is a positive statement but it is also a lot more. An assurance, a motivation, a vibe, a push, a challenge, a small statement that packs a punch. There are several ways to share this. Share it in the form of an Instagram or Pinterest post, a song, a poem or a handwritten note. Keep in mind what the person is feeling and pick one accordingly. Ask the person to read it out loud and recite it a few times and then all through the day. Affirmations have the power to make the subconscious mind access new beliefs and turn around the internal narrative. It’s a simple yet extremely effective way to change the mindset.

Some powerful affirmations you can use:

– I am enough.
– “You still have time to create the you you want to be.” – Arch Hades
– I love myself for who I am.
– “I am in the right place at the right time, doing the right thing.” – Louise Hay
– “The secret of attraction is to love yourself.” – Deepak Chopra
– I have the power to finish what I have started.

2. Send them their favourite food

Food says fun, food says delicious, food says intimate and it’s an absolute bliss that we can get it delivered. It’s not just about making the person happy with the taste but when you send over food to a friend, it shows you care. It shows you pay attention to what they like and what they don’t.  It shows that you remember little details about them. It shows you take effort. It brings up the memory of enjoying that meal from the past and reminds them of the good old times. So, when you send a tub of ice cream or their favourite noodle bowl, you are sending a package of good taste, love, care and good wishes. It’s a great way to cheer up someone when they are low.

3. Share Music / Meditation Videos

People say, “Shake it off.” and sending a dance or inspiration number might help your friend to do just that.  Nowadays there are also several apps that allow sharing of the playlist. You can make one and share it with your friend. Initiate the singing so the friend joins in. You can also share links to breathing exercises and meditation videos. Videos with calming sounds of the rain, wind chimes, ocean waves all help to uplift the mood.

4. Send them a voice note

They might not be in a mood to talk and open up but listening to a message might not be that tough. Record a voice note of gratitude, of how good they’ve been for you, how they’ve made your life better. Tell them you love them. Tell them whatever they are feeling is fine. Their feelings and emotions are not wrong. Remind them how strong they have been in the past and that courage still lies within them. Tell them a thank you.  They made not respond immediately but listening to your voice will make them feel good. It will force them to think and acknowledge all the good stuff from the past.

If you have a good voice, you can also sing their favourite song.

Or you can just read out a joke.

It will definitely make their day better.