Most can agree, “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life”. (Aristotle) Yet why does the majority still struggle daily? How can we achieve and maintain the blissful feelings found in the golden gift of, “Happiness”

Throughout life, periods of happiness bring the realization of truly living. Never is there a complaint of ever having too much happiness or a desire for less. Right? Then why do we struggle? What creates happiness and how do make it last? I began asking, What exactly is Happiness? How do we achieve, then maintain longer more lasting periods experiencing happiness? Do others create our happiness? Or do they add to our experiencing happiness?

In this article, learn the four key elements of happiness. With proper balance, every day will offer the fulfillment found living life on purpose and maintain the golden gift…HAPPINESS.

The real challenge for many comes into play when beginning the pursuit of happiness, determining or identifying what creates happiness. Is happiness individual or collective? Is happiness an activity or an emotional state? I started looking at the aspects of happiness both, individually and collective, as well as, within activities and as an emotional state. What I found is priceless!

Step 1- Things – Anything that is pleasing to our 5 physical senses of touch, sight sound, taste, and smell.  A hug, kiss, sex, beautiful scenery, music, food, clothes, cars, etc.  

  • These areas still hold some form of challenge.
  • Is that enough? This can’t last forever?   What about,

Step 2 – Achievements – Winning an award for being the best or completing goals.  Getting a promotion, starting a new business? 

  • These areas have great rewards and plenty of challenges.
  • Is that enough?  What happens when you don’t always win?  Or you “Do” manage to win? 

Step 3 Others – Sharing your life, gifts, and talents with others professionally and by volunteering.

  • This is admirable and a great contribution.
  • However, now happiness depends on others.  

At first glance, they all seem ideal. Yet, long term they are all short-lived experiences. Separately, none of the areas show any greater or fewer characteristics contributing to happiness. When creating the right balance combining all areas, both individual and collective you can begin to see the need for individual satisfaction, and the importance of also having a connection with others and the world. Happiness begins and ends within…YOU!   

Step 4 Paying attention to the physical senses, you begin learning what THINGS pleases you, as well what does not. Have a dream, then focus both mentally and inactions you can begin moving in the direction to experiencing them more often. Happiness is the #1 most sought-after desire for all of humanity. What creates happiness? I began researching factors before writing this article, I had experiences of frustration and disappointment before writing this article. The enthusiasm, however, leads in obtaining the information that creates happiness furthermore enticing me to continue. The uncertainty and disappointments, as well as enthusiasm, are part of the process. Find motivation, be confident in your decisions and setting goals that will lead to the ACHIEVEMENT of your dream. Feel happiness in achieving the dream and motivation to set more. Engage with OTHERS who have similar goals, celebrate each other together.

Happiness – Looking within yourself; Using your physical senses, enduring struggles and challenges reaching goals, and connecting to others who support you and share similar interests. Find the answers to your big questions in life. Expect experiences of frustration and disappointment are all part of the journey while creating your happiness. Build a support system through spirituality or religion, philosophy, art, or scientific endeavors to something greater than yourself, ensures your success.

“You have to find your own Life Purpose, being responsible for the choices and decisions you make.”


“Happiness depends upon ourselves”