Over the past decade, I’ve journeyed with shamans, world-renowned healers, and metaphysical teachers. With all of the teachings, the one common thread is the truth, that we are here to love, be love, express love, and receive love. Yet so many of us resist love by tuning in to our fears and looking outside of ourselves for the answers. We can fall into fear because it feels easier. The collective grasps to the fear and when we look out into the world, it seems as if it is the natural order of things. But fear is an illusion and it is keeping us from realizing our own infinite, magnificent potential.

There is a massive shift happening on the planet right now, and we have the choice to fall into fear or lean into love. We can hide behind the false illusions of separation and continue to stay in fear, confusion, frustration, and anger, or we can align with our spiritual self, the part of us that knows that emotions are a catalyst to greater self-love and spiritual enlightenment. By mastering your emotions and transforming anger, hatred, and pain into higher qualities, you become the master of your own domain and no longer allow manipulative energies to sabotage you.

If you have been paying attention to the world, things seem pretty grim. Hate, fear, manipulation, trauma, anger, separation—it seems to never end. But the truth is far from what we see projected on TV and spread across our culture. Start by turning off your news and instead feel within your heart what feels true to you.

Lee Carroll, named among the “Top 100 Influential Spiritual Teachers of Our Time” by Watkins Mind Body Spirit magazine, shared in a Kryon message:

“Do not buy into the idea that things are always getting worse and you are a nobody. Those are the lies of the darkness wanting to take away the image of God within you, wanting to bring you to a place you don’t know who you are, so you can be manipulated. That’s not who you are. Magnificent is who you are. Filled with light is who you are.” –Kryon lecture series in Asheville, North Carolina, called “The Rules”

So the question becomes, how do we tap into this magnificence? The answer: we Alchemize our fear and unprocessed anger 

Our emotions can be transmuted to a higher plane—much like the process of turning metal into gold—to become powerful and transformative forces in your life.

Our base emotions are simply energy that has been trapped in reactive and protective defensive patterns. As a collective, in our society, fear, anger, and hatred have been programmed into our reality and our go-to emotions. Whether it is fear of an invisible virus coming to attack us, or hate stemmed from systematic racism, we are all experiencing these base emotions that are reactions to perceived danger, violation, or hurt. But within each emotion is a more loving, higher emotional state, a nonreactive state, that can respond with love and intelligence to the appropriate circumstances of life.

When fear is transmuted it opens you to the quality of love. Pain transforms into loving-kindness and compassion. When we practice this, these emotions will transmute into positive power and love, and ultimately lead us into true inner peace.

As a society, and if you are an empath, we tend to feel into what others are feeling, but this is preventing us from expressing our true divinity. You have a light inside of you that is magnificent and loving. It trusts life and believes in the power of possibilities. Yet fear has hijacked our consciousness. Fear is an illusion that has been manipulating your reality. It is time to reclaim your true divine self and alchemize fear. This meditation inspired by the original teaching in the book Busting Loose From the Money Game by Robert Scheinfeld.

Step 1: Identify Your Fear

Start by feeling the fear and sitting with it. The things you are afraid of can be your greatest teacher. Name your fear. What is the fear at the center of your current experience: fear of being judged, not being loved, not being accepted, dying, losing loved ones, etc.? Identify the fear and call it out specifically.

  • Where does it live in your body?
  • What does it feel like and look like?

Really feel into the fear and be present with how it feels. By identifying it, you no longer run from it or allow it to control your experience.

Step 2: Step into Your Fear  

Imagine this fear engulfed by a tornado of energy. The fear is now circling and rotating in a fierce motion all around you. The fear has become a tornado or tsunami of energy. Step into the center of the tornado and allow this fear to override all in its natural frantic pace around you. Do this visualization and energy work until you are in the peak of the fear. Really feel the intensity. Feel how this feels.

  • What does it feel like?
  • What emotions are coming up?
  • What is your natural response to this experience?

Do you want to run, fight back, hide, etc.? This is an indication of where your power lives, or lack of power, where you’ve been giving it away.

Step 3:  Understand Your Fear

The next step is to stay present, centered in the middle of the tornado of energy and frantic fear, and understand it. You do this by working with it and communicating to release its energetic hold and power over you. Stand in the tornado and really feel the movement and energy, as you do stand firm in the center and ask these questions.

  • Ask the fear what message do you have for me?
  • What are you here to teach me?

Step 4: Transcend Your Fear

This next step will help you embody this fear. Understand that this fear is an illusion. It is a false identity and thought form that has been given to you from outside of your true self. Take your power back by aligning with your truth. In this space, stand firm in the center, repeat 3 truths and in between each truth, repeat “I disengage with all illusions. I am not separate from my truth. I am love.”

It looks something like this (although you will create and repeat your own truths):

Truth one: “In this moment I am safe and secure.”

Mantra: “I disengage with all illusions. I am not separate from my truth. I am love.”

Take a deep breath in and out, deeply.

Truth two: “I am willing to see the love available to me in this experience.

Mantra: “I disengage with all illusions. I am not separate from my truth. I am love.”

Take a deep breath in and out, deeply.

Truth three: “I am a child of source energy, love, God, etc. My power is in my connection to the divine.”

Mantra: “I disengage with all illusions. I am not separate from my truth. I am love.”

Take a deep breath in and out, deeply.

As you do this visualization and energetic meditation, breathe in and out deeply between each truth statement.

Your truth is your power. When you actively participate in disengaging with emotions that are bringing you down, you can reclaim your power and help to not only uplift yourself but the entire world.