There is incredible competitiveness in today’s world when competing for the best job opportunities. Money, location, hours, freedom, benefits – if you want the best, you better be the best. And that starts with gaining valuable real-life experience and adding to your resume, so when the hiring process comes along you are ready to impress.

With so many graduates coming out of university every year, students need to take advantage of any opportunity available to get a step ahead. With so many graduates and so few jobs, you are competing with your classmates every step of the way.

Apprenticeships can be an excellent way to get ahead. If they are the right opportunity, apprenticeships can offer a lot to a student:

  • Learn from an expert: you can work alongside some people who have a ton of experience and can teach you things.
  • Pad your resume: students can fill their resume with education-related items, but it’s always a problem when trying to fill up relevant job experience.
  • Networking: through real-life work experience, you’ll have the chance to meet people who can be a help to you down the road.

Finding the perfect apprenticeship can be a challenge. But, for student marketers, a platform like GenM can help you find the perfect digital marketing apprenticeship. Here are a few student marketers who grew from apprenticeships:

Employed after one apprenticeship

Elijah Shoesmith is not your typical apprentice. He worked for over 8 years in healthcare, on the administrative side, until recently when he took on his first online apprenticeship. Just 3 months later, Elijah is moving into a paid role as a content writer with the same company who mentored him.

Elijah’s main goal behind doing an online digital marketing apprenticeship: “I wanted to gain experience in the industry while in school, with the goal of securing an entry-level job after graduation.”

You can read Elijah’s full success story here.

One step ahead, and still in high school

Nevaeh Montville completed four digital marketing apprenticeships with four different companies – before she even graduated high school.

In today’s world, where every opportunity is a chance to get ahead, Nevaeh saw the benefits of gaining experience early on.

Nevaeh’s reasoning behind seeking out apprenticeships: “I wanted to gather hands-on experience within the marketing industry to help build my digital marketing portfolio.”

You can read Nevaeh’s full story here.

Her first steps toward living as a Digital Nomad

Carla Hadland wanted to live as a Digital Nomad and thought that being a digital marketer would allow her that freedom.

She completed two online digital marketing apprenticeships to kick start her career and gained the skills to run her own blog, Cosmic Traveller.

Here’s why Carla looked into online digital marketing apprenticeships: “Well, put simply, I wanted to make a career move into digital marketing, whilst still working a day job.”

Take a look at Carla’s complete story here.

Working toward his Dream Career

Addisson Lacroix studied at the University of California, Santa Cruz, however, it was the world of digital marketing and it’s tendency for rapid changes and developments that made him want to pursue a career in the field.

Addisson gained a year of experience through completing online apprenticeships. While school was helpful, he really wanted to gain actual work experience: “The problem was I couldn’t find anywhere to get hands-on practice with subjects such as advertising, social media management, and analytics.”

Take a look at Addison’s story here.

Use platforms like GenM to find work apprenticeships.

These are just a few success stories from the past year that show the benefits of a part-time online apprenticeship. You gain experience, learn a ton and add to your resume (not to mention the free online marketing courses) – you will thank me down the road when you apply for your dream job!

In today’s crazy competitive world, you need to take any boost you can. Take advantage of any free platform that you can get your hands on that will benefit you.