You increase self-confidence, build trust, jopeco level rises, and hope reigns when you keep your promises to yourself. Confidence, trust, hope, and energy are four essential ingredients for your total health and improved quality of life.

Breaking Self Promises Destroys Confidence

Think about it for a minute, you say:  “I am confident that Pam will show up because Pam is reliable and always arrives early when she promises she will be there“.

Thus, when you keep promises that you made to yourself, you start to build your own confidence. You begin to believe in you and depend on you because you see you are reliable, that you “keep your word”. Why does this matter? When you need to make changes in your life, like an unhealthy habit, you will likely succeed if you have confidence in yourself.  If you repeatedly break self-promises, you create a pattern of unreliability, which will prevent you from making consistent progress.

Unhealthy Behaviors Destroy Trust

Almost the same as confidence, but it is a tad deeper. When Pam gives her word, you believe without a doubt that she will keep it.  You trust her because she has proven to be reliable over time, she consistently keeps her promises.

Therefore, when you strive to always keep the promises you make to yourself, you start to trust you.  Trust goes a long way to erasing doubt and fear.  The next time you think of not following through on the promise you made to eat less highly processed carbohydrates, realize that you are destroying your trust in your ability to do what you say.

I cannot trust you to do the right thing”.  If you thought that about someone, what would you believe and how would that impact your interactions with that person?  Guess what?  How you think and what you believe about yourself, will impact how you behave [you will behave with doubt and fear].

Resistance Drains Your Energy

I realized that one of the driving forces in my life was my need to feel joy, peace, and contentment.  I decided to call it my jopeco level, like you would say your energy level.  When my jopeco level is high, I am at peace and fully engaged in living.  I came to realize that protecting your jopeco level was important for your health.

Think about this for a second,  “When your energy level is low, how do you feelWhat seems to drain your energy daily?”  Your energy is drained when people don’t keep their promises.  When people resist, your energy is drained.  You drain your own energy when you do not keep your promises and you resist change.

Hope Is Lost When You Trust No One

You lose hope when you believe, feel, or think that there is no one you can trust or depend on.  When you consistently break your self-promises, you start to lose hope in yourself.  When hope is lost, then all bets are off.  Without hope, you tend to think, feel, and act with total disregard for the consequences.  You throw in the towel and do whatever you want, which further destroys your total health and life.

When you do not keep the promises that you make to yourself, you lose hope in the one person that you rely on the most (yourself).  When that hope in self is lost, it gets harder and harder to align your values with healthy actions.

Start Living Joyously Again

  1. Make a decision: “Right or Left?”
  2. Start by loving self
  3. Gain clarity and rediscover your purpose
  4. Understand that change takes time
  5. Make an effective plan
  6. Get professional help if needed
  7. Turn to your source of greatest strength
  8. Remember the one person who never abandoned you

You may choose the order to proceed depending on your needs; however, the first step requires that you decide.