Are you looking for highly effective ways to retain customers in our post-pandemic world?

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I interviewed one of my alliance partners, Roberta O’Keith. She has a +20-year track record of creating successful customer experience programs.

Here are four tips she suggests on how to increase customer loyalty so your customers will keep coming back for more!

1. Ensure Employee Safety and Communicate This to Your Customers

Make sure you train your employees on how to keep your work environment and customer areas safe. That builds trust with your employees, and hopefully, it will reduce employee turnover.

Then, it’s a good idea to talk with your customers about the precautions you’re taking to ensure the safety of your employees, so they feel trust with your brand. Build this into your marketing strategy, specifically to build more awareness and brand messaging around making safety #1 within your company.

2. Listen to Your Customers

You can do this through traditional channels such as surveys and phone calls.

Also, be present by walking your customer journey to experience what your customers experience. Then implement that feedback. Don’t just listen to your customers—collect and use that feedback to drive change in your organization. There are two other ways you can do this:

Social Media

Listen to what people post on social media about your company and then act on the feedback.

Be Proactive

Go out and talk to your customers. Be present during their experience with your brand so you can build stronger relationships. 

3. Be Flexible

Build in flexibility within your company so you’ll be able to pivot products and services more quickly because COVID isn’t the only disruptive thing that will happen.

Try to understand the holistic customer experience. In today’s uncertain environment, customers will be expecting more from companies. And if companies aren’t delivering on customers’ needs and expectations, they’re going to miss out and lose that customer base.

4. Personalize Your Approach

Become more aware of how you treat your customers. Messaging needs to be more compassionate or empathetic. You also want to ensure that you’re providing content relevant to your customers.

It’s essential that you train your employees on how to go about this. If they can go above and beyond just your average experience, customers will remember that, especially during these challenging times. In the end, when you can make their experience more personal, you’ll build more loyalty.

Bottom Line

First, it’s critical that you understand your customers’ experience and identify where to improve throughout that experience

Second, COVID has brought to light issues with businesses processes or systems, and now’s the time to address those issues. If you haven’t already, you won’t survive the next pandemic or global crisis.

                                                                                                    # # #

Speaking of addressing issues, how would you like a leg-up on preventing problems with your customers before they happen? One great way to go about that is by providing top-notch customer care.

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