Lioness in angry mood

You must have noticed that the time your brain takes to trigger the emotion of anger is so little that you can’t even perceive what your next action would be. It seems to happen in microseconds, and the neurotransmitters successfully send the signals that make you react irrationally. Your actions in anger are not judged by your brain because the release of Epinephrine (anger adrenaline) is faster than the thought process. That’s why anger creates destruction most of the time.

It’s normal to get angry. It shows that our emotional triggers are functioning properly. But being conscious of the actions is the real game. This ability allows us to either express constructive or destructive anger. By the way, becoming furious is not good for anyone (a talk for later), but since it’s a part of our emotional behaviour, it’s important to know how to calm ourselves down when we get angry.

You must already know how destructive being angry could be. That’s why I have gathered 4 things that you must do to remain calm when you get angry.

1.    Sit Down

The best and the most effective action is to sit down anywhere when your angry emotion is triggered. When you sit down, your muscles are relaxed, and the heart will slow down the blood pumping. The internal energy will be neutralized, and this will stop you from making things worse for everyone, including yourself.

It’s a good practice and has proven results that when an angry person sits down, the emotions automatically come under control. And when the emotions are controlled, the intellect never allows us to do something unpredictable.

2.    Breathe

Whenever your blood boils, start taking deep breaths. When you inhale more oxygen, the brain delays the anger effect because now your brain has to cater for the incoming oxygen, and the furious response will have a lesser effect. Meanwhile, your thought process will overcome the emotional trigger, and your every action will never happen to be unjudged by your brain.

You become angry by receiving something. Be it seeing someone, listening to something inappropriate, or thinking about someone’s crime. But breathing deeply will calm you down no matter how worst the situation is.

3.    Distract Yourself

I know an angry person loses control pretty easily. But you have to practice it before it’s too late. When you become angry, distract yourself asap. While your whole focus is on the culprit, your internal energy assembles your overall physicality to either defend yourself or attack the culprit.

In this situation, try to distract yourself. Stop looking at the person or thing that makes you angry. When your eyes start looking at something different, the brain will stop producing epinephrine, and you’ll soon take hold of yourself. This little distraction is enough to realize what’s actually going on. You will know where are you, who’s around you, and what should you do next.

4.    Find a Support

Look for support around you, not to beat the hell out of a person, but to lessen the burden of your anger. You must do this as fast as possible. Find support near you. Be it the wall, a pole, even a person standing next to you. Connect with them before the time runs out.

This share of a load of anger will nullify the chemical trigger and will calm your emotion down. And eventually, that support will stop you from destroying the world.

Today, the hustle is real, and lives are more competitive than ever before. Emotional disorders are getting common day by day, and pharmaceutical companies are improving their business by manufacturing various mental and emotional medications. In such alarming circumstances, being emotionally balanced is pretty hard.

As people avoid consulting a psychiatrist or even general medical care, there are experts who recommend taking supplements that are made from natural sources. But again, since the emotional reaction is natural, you must fight it naturally and find a remedy that won’t disrupt your daily lifestyle.

The effect of anger keeps kindling inside you, and it stays there for less than 90 seconds normally. This states that in those 90 seconds, you can experience the anger and feel it go away.