In business, mindset is everything. Start the week on a positive note, and you’re likely to smash your goals and approach challenges with a can-do attitude. So how can you make sure you’re ready to show up to your desk on Monday morning as your best self? The secret lies in the planning. That’s right – your Monday morning actually begins on Sunday night. Now before you think that sounds kind of depressing (who wants to lose more of their weekend?!), mentally prepping for the week ahead can actually be fun and soothing – promise!

Plan your outfits

It seems like a small step, but planning your outfits for the week can help you feel on top of life and excited for the week ahead. This is especially important if you’re a freelancer whose weeks are always different: think ahead to whether you’ve got an important meeting on Wednesday, for which you might want to wear heels, so you can give your feet a break by wearing sneakers on Tuesday and Thursday. Nothing feels better than going to sleep excited to put on your power outfit the next morning, so double down on that feeling by mentally planning what you’re going to wear each day of the week – and make sure to coordinate with your laundry to-do list!

It’s in the details

If you’re got a case of the Sunday scaries, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the things you have to stay on top of during the week. But taking half an hour on Sunday evening to calmly think through your week with your agenda open can have big pay-offs once Wednesday comes around. If you’re going straight to the gym on Tuesday after work, let’s say, write in your agenda for Monday evening to pack your gym clothes already, so that you’re not scrambling to find some clean leggings at 7am. If you’re meeting a friend for an after-work drink on Thursday, consider packing an extra lunchbox that day so you can have dinner on the go. Removing small stresses from your life, like needed to cook yourself some dinner at 10pm because you forgot you would be out, can make you feel calmer and happier in the long run, so it’s a worthwhile investment of your precious weekend time.

Indulge in some self-care

Whether it’s baking, gaming, or taking a good old candlelit bath, make some time for yourself on Sunday nights. It’s the perfect mid-point between saying goodbye to one week and hello to the next, so get in an introspective zone to help you take advantage of this special time. Activities that also contain an element of replacing old with the new (think taking off your old nail polish and repainting your nails, or changing your bedsheets for fresh, clean ones) can be especially soothing, and naturally help you switch your mindset towards the fresh start of Monday morning. Bonus points for ticking off as many self-care clichés at once: paint your nails in a candlelit bath filled with lavender oil whilst listening to meditation music for maximum relaxation (just don’t fall asleep in the bathtub).

Visualise your mantra

Before you go to sleep, take 2 minutes to get into the perfect mindset for your week. Pick a mantra or word that resonates with you personally, in line with your goals. If you want to eradicate self-doubt, for example, your mantra could be as simple as “I can”. If you want to cultivate a mindset of creativity, your mantra could be something like “great new ideas come freely to me”. When you’re lying cosy in bed, silently repeat your mantra in your head as you fall asleep. You’ll be priming your brain with a kick-ass mindset, ready to conquer the week when your alarm goes off on Monday morning.