We all experience moments that irritate us. And although we can’t avoid life’s frustrations, how we react can completely change our mood, perspective, and the course of our day after something annoying or frustrating happens. When it comes to finding tips and tools to reframe in a frustrating moment, it helps to hear what works for other people. 

We asked our Thrive community to share with us the tips that help them stay calm and reframe when they feel frustrated. Which of these will you try?

List five things you’re grateful for

“I find that practicing gratitude helps me when I feel bothered or frustrated. Quickly think of five things you are super grateful for. This exercise can truly shift you into a more positive mindset, giving you the opportunity to separate from any yuckiness. It really helps in shifting out of the not-so-great emotional place of frustration.”

—Sara K, alignment and mindset coach, Detroit MI

Step away for a walk

“When I get to the point of frustration during the day, I remind myself to pause, take a deep breath, and walk away from the situation. When I change my physical environment, I can allow my mind some space to look at the situation from a different perspective. It is important not to react immediately, but to try to find a lesson or improvement I can make. That little bit of physical space really helps.”