It’s safe to say that most people don’t exactly look forward to cleaning up their home. In fact, many of us consider this kind of housework to be quite tedious. However, your home – especially your bedroom – is supposed to be a welcoming, safe reprieve from the busy outside world. Since keeping your bedroom neat and organized can easily feel like a chore, here are 5 easy tips for you to remember as you decorate your room. Hopefully you’ll find that these tips aren’t too hard to maintain a semi-clean state of your room.

1. Keep it Casual

It’s called a bedroom for a reason! The top priority in your bedroom should be to get a good night’s rest. Many people make the mistake of including a desk or workstation in their bedroom. However, if you’re not able to subconsciously separate work from rest while in your bedroom, you won’t be able to fall asleep as easily. While in your bedroom, you should be associating this private space with rest. Of course, not every home has an extra office space in it, so it’s understandable that you might have an extra table or bookshelf in your bedroom to keep some of your work supplies. However, if you find that your work is spilling onto the floor, it’s time for a re-evaluation. So as you set up your room, make sure to include a comfortable bed, light colors, and soft sheets rather than hard desks and uncomfortable school chairs.

2. Keep it Customized

Your room is your own, so you should love every inch of it. Don’t blow your money on trendy decorations and expensive furniture just because some design magazine said it was the cool thing to do. Instead, you should only invest in decor and accents that you truly love. This will help your room to feel more welcoming and more familiar, a real reflection of yourself and your own individual style. The better you feel in your own room, the more well-rested and happier you will be!

3. Keep it Personal

This point is closely tied to #2, especially if you have kids that share a room (or if you’ve grown up sharing a room yourself, you should understand how this feels). It’s important that all inhabitants in a room – siblings, spouses, or just roommates – are respectful of the others’ private space. If you’re able, we strongly suggest scoping out another area of the house you can be by yourself, like an office, or maybe even somewhere quiet and calm like a local library. Maintaining a private space that is completely your own (or as much your own as possible, under the circumstances) will help you to feel more comfortable being by yourself. If you share a room and really want your own little alcove, you could always look into installing some kind of privacy curtain or canopy.

4. Keep it Screenless

We get it – technology is often much more of a help than a detriment, no matter what the old folks might think. These days, your phone is your calendar, alarm clock, radio, and so much more. That’s why there’s nothing wrong with keeping your phone nearby your bed. However, you might be surprised to hear that looking at brightly-lit phone screens has been proven to release hormones that help keep you awake! This is because that bright screen makes your brain think it’s daytime. So after your final email exchange, Facebook scroll, or Tweet of the night, put your phone, tablet, and laptops away. If you’re the kind of person who likes having a TV on in the background, you could consider investing in a white noise machine instead; or, at least, turn the screen brightness down.

5. Keep it (Kind of) Clean

Obviously, you don’t have to keep your room ultra clean. All that matters is that you feel comfortable, calm, and rested when in your room. Just keep in mind that it’s more likely that you will feel better being in your room as long as it is relatively neat. Keep the windows open if it’s warm enough, swap out heavy gray shades for sheer white curtains to let more light in, invest in some storage units instead of throwing things on the floor, and remember to change your sheets! You might even want to top it off with a nice candle or something pretty and decorative to tie it all together.

Hopefully, these tips are simple enough for you to implement into your daily routine! Nobody loves cleaning the house from top to bottom, but keeping things at least somewhat in order will definitely help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable in your own room. If you’re looking for inspiration for a modern, bright bedroom, check out Happy napping!