In today’s highly digital world, more entrepreneurs find themselves working longer hours because they feel they need to “be on” all the time. When this happens, how do they disconnect, recharge, and achieve that elusive concept of work-life balance? It’s certainly a challenge.
As an entrepreneur, I constantly found myself wrestling with the same challenges. After my health and relationships started to suffer, I made the conscious decision to strive for better balance.
To help you attain better balance, I’m sharing my top four tips below:
-Schedule ahead! January is the perfect time to block out time for yourself for the year. Do not leave your personal time to the last minute. Every month should have at least one-weekend getaway. Additionally, block out a one week vacation at least once a year.
-Set medical appointments ahead of time. If you are not feeling your best physically, you can not live a balanced life. Regular check-ups such as preventative care are important. Set your doctor and dental appointments for the year.
-Overscheduled Schedules – As a business owner, your mind is oftentimes consumed with tasks of the day, week, and month. It can be overwhelming. At the end of the day, your mind and body need rest to recuperate. You need a way to release your mind so that you can turn off completely.
Keeping a notebook/journal at your bedside will allow you to release all of your thoughts on paper. Spend about five-10 minutes doing this and you will wake up more rested. If you wake up in the middle of the night worrying about something that you forgot to do, making a note will allow you to release it from your mind and get back to sleep.
-Have a Digital Fast! It’s important that you take your time back by reducing the amount of time that you spend on your phone, computer, and watching television. This time could be better spent with your family, reading a book, or learning a new language.
Additionally, at least once a month, you should consider taking a day off; putting away the phone, and turning off the computer and television. Spend time outdoors, on the beach, taking a leisurely walk, or quiet time in your home for meditation and reflection. The average person spends over seven and half years watching television in their lifetime. Imagine what you could accomplish in that time?
Overall, avoiding the overload of negativity on social media and television can reduce your stress levels and increase positivity.