Parenting is hard work. It’s consuming, rewarding, challenging and bittersweet. The time also flies by, often leaving parents everywhere wondering where the days went. While countless things are happening during those days, some have more staying power than others.

And when it comes to raising successful kids, focusing on a few core values without making them a source of stress will go a long way in ensuring this happens. Here are four tips to try with your family.

1. Focus on Economics

One of the most important things you can do for your children is to explain how money works. This is a life skill that will follow them always.

Whether it’s guiding your five-year-old through saving money in a piggy bank, giving the opportunity for your children to earn an allowance, or letting your teen manage their first paycheck, you’ll be offering real-life experiences that will help to form healthy saving, spending and budgeting habits. 

If you have a college-bound child, don’t hesitate to involve them in any discussions regarding tuition and applications for student loans. It’s also important to set any expectations of keeping a part-time job while in college so everyone is on the same page. 

Don’t forget to model healthy financial habits of your own each day.

2. Focus on Healthy Body Image and Habits

Your children are exposed to a lot in today’s world. Images, advertisements, social media videos and other outside influences have an incredibly strong impact. Unfortunately, it’s not always good or positive. 

Even though you can’t shield your children from these things, there is so much you can do starting at home to help build an unshakeable foundation. 

Focusing on a healthy body image is one. But be careful; remember that this is less about appearances and more about what’s behind them. For instance, instead of talking about how getting exercise can help you lose weight or look better in a pair of jeans, praise how amazing a hike or a bike ride can make you feel. 

A lot of this also rides on what you say and do. Understand the harmful impact that negative self-talk can have on your children. Think about it. Would you want your daughter to be afraid to get into her bathing suit at the pool with her friends because she noticed you doing the same last week? 

Modeling healthy habits at home is easy, and it’s something that everyone can easily be a part of. Implementing daily routines for oral care, bathing, making healthy snack and meal choices (and leaving room for treats!) and incorporating movement into each day will all go a long way in establishing good routines that will last a lifetime. 

3. Focus on Honesty and Hard Work

To be truly successful, honesty and integrity must be ingrained in your children. This can (and should) start at a very young age. However, this isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to incorporate teachings each day.

Try reading classic, moral-based stories and revisit them often. Praise and recognize your child’s honesty, even if it’s from admitting a wrong-doing. And most importantly, model honest behavior yourself. This means being truthful, admitting wrongdoing and apologizing sincerely.

Understanding the importance of hard work and being willing to put in the effort is another huge part of this. This can be established early on by delegating responsibilities around the house, encouraging volunteer work and entrepreneurship, all while focusing on reliability and accountability. 

4. Focus on Nature 

Spending time outside is one of the healthiest and most beneficial things for your mental, emotional and physical health, and the same goes for your kids. 

Have you ever noticed how even just a few minutes outside can work wonders for moods and energy levels? It’s even more effective when it’s an awe-inspiring setting, such as a challenging hike with rewarding views, or experiencing something new.

Time spent outdoors is not only great for overall well-being, but it’s important for cognition and focus as well; two very important factors in success. 

Successful children are the product of everyone’s hard work, but your role in this is crucial. By providing the right tools and modeling good behaviors, you’ll give your children a solid foundation to build on as they grow.