Over-preparing! It’s become an epidemic in western society. We are obsessed with organizing our lives. We plan everything, and we plan for everything, with emergency kits, backup plans, exit strategies, safety nets. We can’t imagine failure, so we over-prepare for every conceivable disaster, forgetting to live our lives with a light heart. It’s time to stop over-preparing, time to find balance in life and work, time to start trusting in ourselves.

Whether it’s baby boomers, business people, young entrepreneurs, students or full-time mothers, as a Life and Business Coach I’m finding that my clients pressure themselves with wanting to be perfect, both in their personal and business life.

Perfectionism is the fastest way to lose your balance. Balance in itself is precarious. The moment you let your thinking be overtaken by control, the moment you let yourself become inflexible, you begin to teeter on that delicate scale. That’s when you risk falling over.

Trusting yourself

Find balance in life and work by trusting yourself. Know that you are doing everything it takes to align your life with your values. Know that
 you are building a solid foundation. Know that all your work — physical, emotional and spiritual — is going into sewing your own parachute.

Our parachute is the metaphorical landing gear that protects us when we leap into life. It is the work we have put into preparing ourselves for life — our education, our physical and emotional health, our finances, our professional training and experience, our relationships both with ourselves and with others, and our inner journey.

Stop judging life and circumstances. Instead, live your life with ambition, with pride, with excitement. Test your parachute. Stop over-preparing for the ideal life and find balance in the life and work you have right now. You will find, to your surprise, that it’s already ideal.

4 Tips on finding balance in life and work (and how to stop over-preparing!)

  1. Live in the Moment — Let go of judging everything in terms of success or failure. When you live in the moment, you know better than to pass quick judgment. Failure is the first, and often the most important, step to success. Stop crumbling in the face of failure and putting yourself out of balance. A fulfilling life is not assessed by the minute, it is assessed by the lifetime.
  2. Be Light — Live with a light heart. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh more. It’s easier to balance a light heart than a heavy one.
  3. Embrace Trust — Trust in yourself and what you have created. When you believe in yourself and trust in the world you have created, balance will come quickly and easily.
  4. Stop Judging — Have you noticed a pattern in my suggestions? It’s all about judging — judging circumstances, judging others, judging yourself. Judging is the fastest way to lose balance and crash. Every time you judge, catch yourself and correct that pattern before you hit the gravel!

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Originally published at www.lunacoaching.com on December 13, 2016.

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