Remember getting that fancy new toy as a kid, you know; the one you couldn’t wait to show your friends – or that one time strolling down the school halls when your crush waved back at you. Those butterflies you felt swarming round inside of you. Just blissful.

If happiness can be found in such little things, then why is it so hard to sustain it.

You’d think with the plethora of resources available, putting us at most abundant period in history, happiness would come easier; to maintain at least.

The pursuit of happiness is a journey riddled with ups and downs. But there are a couple of things we could factor in, to make this easier:


Being grateful for the things we do have, has a surreal feel attached to it. With the world around us ingeniously designed to create gaps amongst the populace in terms of material wealth, twisted notions of beauty standards amongst others, many are pushed into depressive states owing to the fact that they feel they simply don’t have enough or are not enough. 

A whole lot of us try to live up to this ‘imaginary bar’ that’s been set high – paying no mind to the realness that’s inside. 

A hint of gratitude brings about a sense of self, it makes us admire and appreciate our own growth through this journey that is life

The importance of gratitude cannot simply be overstated !


Put the phone down and go outside !!!

Social media has widened our reach, there’s no denying it. 

We are now able to connect with people from all across the globe anywhere, right from our mobiles. 

This has made a large majority of individuals indifferent, undermining the need for actual physical contact.

A research carried out by the Harvard Study of Adult Development says “Close relationships, more than money or fame, are what keep people happy throughout their lives”

Every once in a while, ditch the phones. Meet up with friends, have coffee, go on walks together.

Don’t got friends ? Make some. Your next door neighbours might just turn out to be the best friends you’ve ever made.

Take a break from the digital world and scape the world around you. You might just discover a beautiful scenery round the corner.

Superhero Poses ?

Sounds funny, I know. But studies show that standing in front of a mirror daily, imagining ourselves as our favourite superheroes boost confidence and self esteem levels throughout the day !

Hard to believe right ? But what’s there to lose in striking a pose every now and then.

So next time you hop out the bathroom, spend a few seconds in front of the mirror looking back at that beautiful person staring back.

Defining Your Goals:

Always wanted to sing at Broadway, or perhaps learn a new language, maybe you always dreamt of starting a foundation ?

Having a clearly defined goal helps co-ordinate your mental, putting important things in perspective. This filters the unnecessary excess clouding up your space and time.

What better time to achieve those goals than now ? Someone has to do it anyway, so why not rise to the occasion !

The pursuit of lasting happiness is a life long task, taking it one step at a time helps us to attain it. It might be a seemingly arduous process but with every sunrise comes new found hope and another opportunity to be the best of what you can be.