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When a person takes a break from their career for an extended period of time, the break may be planned or unplanned. Regardless, if they ever want to go back to work, they may feel a little overwhelmed or nervous regarding their qualifications and adjusting to life back in the workplace. Here are four tips that will help a person when they are reentering the workforce.

Assessing job wants and needs

Diving right in and searching for a job is not the best way to get back into the workforce. Time should be taken to consider the type of jobs that would be gratifying and fulfilling. Needs should also be considered. These would include factors like hours or salary requirements. By making a list of “must haves,” a person will know what they want out of a job. Also, reflection should be made on the career break. Was a new skill learned or coursework completed while you took your break from your career?

Networking and relearning an industry

It’s also important to become familiar with the current state of your chosen industry. This goal can be done by researching different companies to see salary ranges and employee roles. Networking is also a great way to learn about changes in an industry. Former colleagues can be a great source of information. They’ll know who the big players are and may be able to provide job leads. In addition, you may want to attend conferences, which would also be an excellent way to expand your network and get up-to-date with the industry.

Freshening job skills

During the relearning stage, a person may discover that they need to learn new skills to perform their job. It’s also possible that there are new tools that have been developed that will need to be used. Freshening up on all skills is going to be crucial so that you have all of the attributes that an employer requires. One way to brush up on skills is by taking classes. Classes will help you become familiar with anything new that’s being used in the industry.

Practicing job search skills

If it has been a while since starting a new job, job search skills may need to be learned. These skills begin by updating your resume and possibly creating a profile on Linkedin. Interview skills should also be practiced. Knowing how to answer interview questions and explain why there is a large gap in employment on a resume is important.