Let’s face it, it is not easy to find the time to read in a busy lifestyle. There is always somewhere to be or something to do. But spending a small amount of time reading will unequivocally provide long lasting health benefits such as decreased stress levels, muscle tension and a decline of memory loss, according to Dr. David Lewis. Here are 4 tips that can help you strategize a way to find the time to sit back, relax and enjoy a good book.


Schedule Time for Reading

When you pre-plan a time to read it makes it easy to implement it. Manifest it, close your eyes and visualize it. Strategize either the night or week before how you can make it happen and include it in your daily schedule. You can set alarms and reminders to stay current and help bring it to fruition.  

Keep it Short and Simple

Research shows, just by reading  6 minutes a day you can  reduce stress levels by 60%. In other words, all you need is 6 minutes minimum and anything extra is a bonus. Knowing you are spending a short time on this activity will help the probability of it happening. When an activity seems too long and overwhelming in an already bustling schedule chances are it will be neglected. On the other hand, if it is attainable it will be carried through and done often. 

Set a Routine: Same Time and Same Place

We are creatures of habit. Even without realizing it we do many things on auto-pilot. If you set a specific place and time for reading each day, chances are it will become part of your daily routine. 

Listen to Audiobooks

At times, it is too difficult to physically sit down and read a book. Listening to an audiobook is just as beneficial to calm the nerves and provide a relaxing state of mind. Listening to audiobooks on the train, car and when you travel are great ways to continue reading and providing a break from the hustle bustle. 

Make it a Family Affair

Often times it helps involving those close to you to get the extra push. Designate family time and read together and make it a family affair. It could be a short time but family members who read together have stronger bonds because they share an activity together and can later discuss their books and have meaningful conversations. Furthemore, book clubs with friends are also a great way to get yourself involved in reading. When there is a specific goal and deadline to meet, you will be compelled to finish your book.