By Ashley Stahl, Originally Published in Forbes

“I just got promoted to partner, we are going to celebrate tonight!” This text message illuminates your phone around 5 p.m. while packing up your work bag. Your best friend finally got the promotion of her dreams! Filled with excitement, you leave work and head straight to the bar to join the celebration. One toast leads to another and before you know it, you’re waking up feeling completely floored.

A hangover has hit.

The bigger problem is, it’s Wednesday and you now have to go to work.

This happens more often than you would think, 75% of U.S. employees admit to coming to work hungover. So the next time you join this statistic, work through these four tips to curb the hangover and hold onto your career success.

1. Evaluate whether you should come to work, period.

On average, people use two sick days per year to stay home and nurse a hangover. Although it may be tempting to save those days, if you are pretty sick it would be in your best interest to stay home.  

Begin to get ready for work and when you are ready to walk out the door evaluate if you still don’t feel well, then make the call. I hate to say this, but if you have a breathalyzer, give it a go. Driving to work and showing up still intoxicated would be a major issue, beyond work respect. Don’t take chances, many DUI’s still happen the morning after.  

Consider speaking with your boss about working from home or taking that sick day. Honesty is the best policy, sometimes. Sixty-six percent of people that informed their boss of the true reason for their ailment received no repercussions. But tread lightly, you want to ensure you are respected and understood at work. Instead of spilling your nights’ dirty laundry, if questioned for your missed day at work share your symptoms (headache and nausea) but leave the culprit of them at bay.  

2. Prepare for the day properly.

Take a contrast shower, by alternating the water temperature between high heat, and extreme cold. This will increase the blood flow circulation in your body, in turn, helping you wake up and recover from inflammation and the detriments of drinking alcohol. Not only that, but it will remove that layer of sweaty booze likely covering you.

When your body is metabolizing alcohol the liver gives off a great deal of heat and your endocrine system (balances hormones) is damaged, sparking hot flashes. Prepare for this by dressing in clothes that are comfortable, breathable and will reduce any potential sweat lines. Put on natural fabrics like cotton or linen and avoid light or bright colored clothes. Try a loose-fitting patterned shirt paired with linen pants to keep you comfortable and sweat stains at bay.

3. Have a nutritious and hydrating breakfast.

If you are going to head into the office make sure to get hydrated and walk in with a healthy meal down.  

I suggest eating a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, the complex carbohydrates in the oatmeal have been proven to improve mood and reduce that late-night fatigue while the nutrients in blueberries help fight off the inflammation your body is managing.

Caffeine helps reduce headaches, but be aware that coffee is a diuretic which actually induces dehydration. Swap this out for a mild green tea, take aspirin with your breakfast and drink red ginseng which has been proven to relieve the effects of alcohol consumption and hangover symptoms. Be sure to add honey to your tea, which has been shown to reduce alcohol elimination from the body and reduce overall hangover symptoms.

3. Improve your work environment.

Feeling dizzy? Change your computer background to grayscale. When the emails popping up on your inbox appear in a grey hue, as opposed to stark bright white it will reduce eye strain and headaches.  

Turn on your desk side diffuser. Fill the diffuser with lavender and peppermint to reduce nausea, headaches, and provide calming energy around your workspace. If you cannot use a diffuser in your office, peppermint essential oil can be placed on your belly, low back or temples.

4. Reflect on the future after the workday ends.

You have successfully made it through the day, congratulations! Now ask yourself, was the night out worth that painful day that hurt your productivity and potentially your reputation at work?  

Before you walk out of the office, refocus your priorities and make a list of the top five things you want to accomplish this year. Put it in your wallet and the next time you are out having Taco Tuesday with friends take a glance at it before agreeing to have that third, or fourth, or fifth margarita.

Working through a hangover is possible, but clearly not preferable. Be your own mom the next time you are out on a weeknight and keep the drinking to a manageable limit. Cheers!

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