Hope during Coronavirus times

These are very troubling times. Almost everyone across the world is at home from today.
Home deliveries are contact-less now (well, I’m glad that they are happening in the first place).

The entire family is at home, and no one is going out.
Businesses have to shut down their physical locations. 
California Orders Lockdown for State’s 40 Million Residents
What coronavirus lockdowns have meant around the world?
There is a revenue loss for many. 

It is at these times that we have to tell them that no matter what we are there for them and we are in this #together. 

Together we will get to the other side of this war against all humanity. 
And it is not just business owners who are impacted but all of us too. We need to take care of everyone around us. 

There is a saying – Greatest battles are with the closest of people.
It is not going to be easy. But most things are never going to be easy. 
We are at war. The air we breathe plus share is infected. It can harm us
There is no partiality in the way this gets to others. You can be anyone and live anywhere, but you are not going to be immune from it, at least not for some time from now.  

It’s a humbling experience. 
Even YouTube and Netflix are going to lower down their streaming quality to help sustain more volume of people watching globally.
In such times, there are two key things we need 

  1. Mental health 
  2. and Hope

The mind needs help too. Only then can it perform at its peak.
With a lockdown and restriction of movement, the brain manages to pull in negative thoughts much faster.

We need the right focus now. To keep things in perspective. And to become a better person fundamentally from our very core. 

There are numerous ways people are engaging and taking care of neighbours & others globally while lockdown is in place. 
So for our mental health, here are few tips.

  1. Fitness – It is very essential to have a fit body for a peaceful mind. There are plenty of yogas and exercises one can do in a small space of a room. And then there is walking. If you are not allowed to walk outside on the street, then walk within your home. Just for fun, count the number of steps you can take in every room. But keep walking, it’s fundamental to who we are.
  2. Skills – Everyone online is advising to up your skills via online courses. Online courses are not for everyone. Honestly, not many like them. What to do in such cases? Learn art. Or Origami. Essentially, something to do with your hands physically and learn it as a family, not just one person. It is one way, to get everyone together and a collective learning curve can help keep the mind happier.
  3. Video conferencing – Zoom has exploded in the number of users. Google is giving Meet – their video conferencing tool for free for business owners. It can hold 250 people on a video call at the same time. There are local online communities to talk about almost everything under the sun. Join one such group of your interest. We, humans, are social beings and without interaction, with another human being, it is going to be tough. I’m more concerned about the people who live alone.
  4. Triggers for work, exercise, food and sleep – Staying indoors for days can become tricky. If the climate is gloomy as well – not just physically but metaphorically, many things get missed. To help with this create triggers. One reminder or place to exercise every morning. Another set of reminders to eat. You need one reminder to sleep at the right time. Avoid binge-watching through the night.

And finally, its Hope. 
We have to build up confidence in all of us. We will come through to the other side of this pandemic and in the pink of health
All that is lost, right now, will be gained back many times over on the other side. 
It might be pitch dark and at the death of night right now but there is a brighter sunrise and a future for all of us if we take precautions now.#StaySafeStayHome #TogetherWeCan