When you finally make the right choice to keep fit and in shape, the first thing that comes to mind is paying a visit to the gym, which is an awesome idea.

But what if for some reasons you can’t always make it to the gym? Are there other ways to keep fit?

Sure there are.

In fact, there are probably more than a thousand other ways to keep fit if you do not want to pay a visit to the gym, but in the post, we would take a look at a few of the best ones.

  • 1.Mountain Biking

Mountain bikes might not be the most popular exercising equipment, it is highly recommended.

If you want to give your heart some good workout or you want to ward off hypertension, then you might want to consider delving into riding.

Mounting riding is highly recommended as it gives your body and mind a complete workout. So even though you want to build up your stamina or sharpen your reflexes, mountain bikes are the way to go as seen in supplementreviewed.

One of the most amazing things about mountain biking is that it is something you actually look forward to doing, unlike most conventional exercises.

  • 2.Climbing Stairs

If you are in the habit of taking the elevator all the time, then you are missing out on an effective form of exercise. Every time you walk or run through the stairs, you exercise your leg and heart.

If you like in a very big building and you have to take the elevator to get to your destination, stop some floors before and exercise yourself some bit on the stairs.

  • 3.Dancing

Kudos to you If you already dance a lot. If you don’t, then you should do so more often.

Dancing is a lot more than just a way to blow off some steam or celebrate a success. You actually do a lot of good to certain areas of your body when you dance.

For example, some persons dance while moving their arms the most. Others go as far as do a few push-ups while they are at it.

Whatever way you do it, it sure helps.

  • 4.Hiking

By now you must know that walking long distances is good for your body for a lot of reasons. Think of hiking as ‘walking 2.0’.

One very popular instance where hiking is more than perfect for is in the case of weight loss. If you have resolved to shed some weight and you do not have a budget for the gym, or even if you do, hiking is the way to go.

Hiking is also good for cardio and muscular fitness.


Exercising is a must-do for everyone even when your schedule or budget doesn’t make it easy for you to visit the gym. Alternative mediums exist which are just as effective or in some cases, more effective.

Stop giving excuses and start exercising.