Technology has made our lives so easy that we don’t feel the need to move out of the comforts of our homes. Everything is available on our fingertips, be it food, music, entertainment or sports for that matter. 

But did you ever notice the natural high you get after taking a quick walk by the sea or simply by watching the evening sun disappear in the horizon? 

We often present our busy schedules as an excuse for our inability to spend time in nature. But by doing that just for a few minutes everyday you can tremendously improve your mental and physical health.

This is especially true in trying times like this, when the coronavirus pandemic has hit the world so hard and people across the globe are locked inside homes without a choice.  

Most of us are now trying to adapt to the work-from-home culture without meeting your colleagues in person like you used to before. 

While working remotely has its own advantages, it can be difficult for many to lock themselves up without any chance of interaction with the outside world. 

The best way to face such times is to increase your interaction with nature. Here are 4 valuable reasons why you need to spend more time in nature.  

1. Improves Sleep

If you’re not sleeping well lately then a good way to improve your sleep at night is to spend time in nature.

Staying indoors for too long increases your exposure to artificial lighting in various forms. This doesn’t specifically have to be from the table lamp or bulb in your room. It can also be the light emitted from your television, mobile screen or laptop. 

This affects your body’s ability to respond to the light-and-dark cycle of nature, resulting in disturbed sleeping patterns. 

By spending time in nature and absorbing the natural light in your body, you can prepare your mind to be in tune with nature’s light-and-dark cycle. As a result, your brain releases the right amount of melatonin (a hormone that induces sleep) when the sun goes down. This will help get longer and better sleep at night.  

2. Boosts Brain Function

The rapid urbanization around the world has severely affected the mental health and well being of people irrespective of their age and sex. More and more people are now being the victims of psychological problems like anxiety, depression, stress, fear and anger. 

A good way to deal with such problems is to go outdoors and spend some time in a natural setting. This will help you experience a calm and positive mood which can help reduce negative thoughts from your mind. 

Studies show that a brief walk in natural settings can result in less rumination on negative thoughts. The absence of negative thoughts and feelings can help regain your focus and attention and improve your memory alongside other cognitive skills.  

3. Enhances Your Creative Skills

There’s no denial about how beneficial technology has been to us. At the same time, however, its downsides can’t be overlooked.

When people spend too much time working with technology, the brain gets bombarded with information. This may result in mental fatigue, loss of creative thinking capacity, and low problem-solving skills.

By disconnecting yourself from technology and spending time in nature you can find a solution to this problem. Taking a break from technology can help you remove all the distractions that kill your creative thinking capabilities. 

In nature you get a chance to relax and rest your mind. You don’t necessarily need to take long walks in the woods. You can even do your yoga or some routine workouts in nature if you want. 

This will automatically open up the creative doors in your mind making yourself more imaginative, with better problem solving skills. 

4. Makes You Feel Alive

Life in modern times has become extremely busy with no time left for ourselves. Being outdoors can make us feel alive amidst such monotonous and overscheduled environments. 

Just step out of your home and wander around in the woods or go for a walk by the river. Take a deep breath to feel the difference. 

You’ll feel a sense of increased vitality, which makes you feel more energized than any physical exercise or social interaction is incapable of offering. 

By spending a little time in nature every day you can revitalize yourself with all the energy you need to start your day. It’ll also prepare you to be unruffled by the unabating demands of your hectic life. So no matter how busy your life is, try to find some time to be in nature and feel the difference.