Feeling stuck? Your job doesn’t excite you anymore? Let me tell you, falling out of love with the job that used to thrill you is more common than you’d like to think. In fact, only one in five Brits is happy at work.

Even the most passionate people in the world have bad (and boring) days. The difference between those that moan, sink into self-pity or quit and those that charge forward to fulfill their dreams is that the latter group addresses their issues and emotions as soon as they realize they are in the rut.

So what can you do to reinvigorate your passion?

Do a self-audit

One of the most common reasons why people fall out of love with their job is that they stop doing what they love.

The moment you start dreading Monday mornings or daydreaming about clocking out at the end of the day, do a quick self-audit of all the responsibilities that your role entails, noting down everything you enjoy and everything that makes your day a trip to hell.

Once you figure out what tasks or responsibilities are causing your dissatisfaction, try to eliminate them (or at least some of them) from your workday and keep (or add) more of what you enjoy. If you’re a freelancer, it might be a matter of letting a bad client go or joining a co-working space — whatever it is, at least you will know the roots of your desperation.

Thinking that the slump is temporary and that it will pass with time is a wrong and, frankly, irresponsible assumption. If you sit back and do nothing, it is only going to get worse — act on your emotions!

Take some me time

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Oftentimes the cause of unhappiness at work is getting burnt out. When your energy is low, your motivation non-existent and your attitude rotten, you’re way past the point of making objective decisions. Whenever you start doubting yourself, your career choices, the importance of your role, or worse, your abilities to succeed in life, you must take a step back and give yourself some space and time to reevaluate the situation.

If the offer is on the table, taking a sabbatical is one of the best responses to beating job dissatisfaction. If you’re a freelancer, you might just need some real time off — no email checking, no lead generation, no portfolio updating or any of that stuff. Holiday. Sometimes even a fun weekend away can do it for you if it’s the case of re-energising your mind and soul. No matter what you do, you must allow yourself some me time to unwind and assure yourself you’re going in the right direction.

Seek out passionate people

The secret to feeling happy and fulfilled at work is knowing that your work has meaning or purpose.

If your motivation is waning and you feel like you could quit on the spot, consider venturing out into the world and reaching out to passionate people in your industry. Whether it’s your colleague, someone from a professional networking group or a fellow freelancer, surrounding yourself with energetic people who have clear and ambitious goals can help revive the sagging interest and inject renewed passion into your job.

Another way to renew the sense of your mission is to start mentoring. We know that our skills develop and deepen when we teach others, so this could be a decision that does good to everyone involved. Forget the myth that you have to be a seasoned executive, decorated with many awards and titles, to be a strong mentor. That’s nonsense. If you’re good at what you’re doing, you are more than qualified to relay that knowledge to an aspiring mentee. Share to grow!

Make changes (even if they’re very small)

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How long have you been working in the same environment? Spending so much time in one place (that never changes) can drive anyone nuts. Sometimes all it takes is hanging a new cool poster, buying a plant, a standing desk, or repainting the walls (unless you’re working from your living room, in which case, maybe try the smaller changes first) to achieve a renewed sense of excitement. If you’re working from a corner coffee shop, relocate, try something new, change the scenery.

Another great strategy to stimulate your stale mood is altering your work schedule. Would you be happier if you could hit the gym before starting your day or read twenty pages of a book between two tasks? Changing up your routine could be a helpful tactic in getting unstuck. Even if you only add an extra break in the afternoon to read, listen to your favourite playlist, or browse Pinterest for inspirational stuff, it could go a long way to improve your productivity and help you fall back in love with your job.

How do you stay in love with what you do? Share your thoughts!

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