While on the surface, roller derby might look like just another hobby, there is much more to it than meets the eye. This is a great sport to partake in if you want to build some strong personal connections, have an increased sense of community, and learn things about yourself you may have not known before. Let’s take a look at how roller derby could help you grow as a person and why everybody should consider giving it a try at least once.

Keeping Focus on Factors you can Control

You won’t be able to control what your teammates do on the rink at all times. And you won’t be able to control referee calls either. However, there are things that you can control, like your reaction times, reflexes, physical fitness, etc. You will learn to take responsibility for the things you can control and accept what you can’t.

Learn Resilience

If you’re going to be playing roller derby, you’re going to fall. A lot. And you’re going to get hurt. This is just part of the game. It’s all about what you’re going to do when it’s time to get up. If you’ve been a co-dependent person all of your life, you might be waiting for your teammates to help you and console you, and while they will at first, they won’t baby you forever and you’ll have to learn how to roll with the punches and pick yourself up at a certain point.

Nevertheless, you should still do everything in your power to limit the chances of injury while playing. That’s why you should only invest in the best equipment possible when playing, and that includes skates. Don’t just assume that just any pair of roller skates will do; if you’re going to play seriously, you have to go with high-performance roller skates like Riedell roller skates. They sell a variety of skates and wheels made especially for roller derby that are not only stylish but will give you the protection and performance you need to play at your best and prevent injuries.

Worth Working For

Another lesson you’ll learn while playing derby is that nothing in life that’s actually worth it comes easily. There’s never going to be a time when you reflect on how you got your first t-stop. But you’ll feel a sense of achievement once you start honing your personal skills as a player or start getting your first accolades.

Small Changes and Effort Adds

One of the most difficult things in life is keeping the focus on a long-term goal when you only see minimal incremental changes every day. But with roller derby, you’ll be able to actually see the results of your hard work and start understanding the value of constant effort – and transfer this to your everyday life.


Playing roller derby could be one of the most enriching experiences as a person and help you grow more than you could imagine. Check out if there’s a league near you and consider watching a few games to see if roller derby is really for you.