What’s the one surefire way you can supercharge your culture and brand in 2020 for extraordinary results? You may already have it and only need to unleash its potential!

It’s the power of social!

When it comes to building a culture that people trust and makes them happier – one powerful way to do this is through authentic and genuine social engagement by a company’s internal workforce – straight from the source. But how do employees being on social help build your brand and culture?

Employees are already sharing your culture with the world

98% of employees use social media for personal use; 50% are already posting about their company. (Weber Shandwick) When potential candidates research your company, they’re looking at not just what your company says, but more importantly, what your employees are saying about your company.

Are you listening to your employees on social? At Sprinklr, we use a common hashtag (e.g. we use #SprinklrLife), which allows us to follow the conversations our employees are having, and understand what they care about. We use this information to elevate our company-wide initiatives and launch new programs that connect employees to our brand and culture.

It’s exciting to see so many of our employees proactive in sharing about Sprinklr, helping drive our marketing, sales, and recruitment goals. Personally, I’ve been energized and learned lots this past year by engaging more in social and connecting with so many people all over the world. Here are some key takeaways so you can unleash the power of social, too!

Being social starts from day 1

What if every new joiner at your organization could instantly connect with all existing employees? With social, they can! Our new employees connect to each other on social media starting from day 1 using Twitter Lists like this one. This is especially important for remote employees who may not get to see people in the office day-to-day.

Leverage your internal champions

Who are your employees that are already on social, talking about your company? These employees can help others who may be new to social media or don’t know how to use it. Look for the passionate, driven employees who love working at your company and embrace social in their everyday lives. They are the ones with infectious energy that can help build a culture where people are excited to share where they work and what they do.

Pay attention to trending events and holidays, like National Salesperson Day

The second Friday of every December is National Salesperson Day, which honors the value and dedication of the professional salesperson. Events and holidays such as National Salesperson Day create a global conversation on social channels. Leverage this momentum and join the relevant and trending topics. Encourage your employees to engage with your social posts through re-sharing or commenting to create a global conversation and excitement on social. Here’s how we celebrated this year.

Create a culture of recognition through social

Take your peer-to-peer recognition program to the next level by sharing employee wins on your branded social channels. Create a common campaign, for example, “Feature Friday” and share the most recent employee recognitions (tagging their social handles where possible for extended reach!) Doing this will organically create a global culture of recognition — making your employees feel connected and proud to work at your company.

Culture and Social – A Unique Combination

When more employees are leveraging social, a global company feels more enabled to work and collaborate online, creating stronger connections between teams.

We’ve implemented many of these tactics above and the engagement in social has taken on a life of its own! Educating our employees through easily digestible learning opportunities and enabling them with branded content has sparked an interest in continuous learning through our culture. It’s completely elevated our culture as we’ve become more social together.

I just love our Sprinklr community and how much more social we’ve become over the last year. I’m energized about all the great things we will achieve in the next 10 years, as together, we make people happier.

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  • Diane K. Adams

    Chief Culture + Talent Officer


    A global “culture and talent” expert who builds high-performing organizations across technology verticals. Proven track-record of scaling businesses that in turn, have doubled, tripled, and increased their revenue streams 10x, during tenures at three separate public companies.Passionate about inspiring and enabling people and companies to achieve excellence, and motivated by helping others reach their potential – both personally, and professionally. Interested in learning more about Diane's journey and career? Here is a link to her book "It Takes More than Casual Fridays and Free Coffee" “Get the culture right….and everyone has the opportunity to be extraordinary.”