Spirituality has numerous definitions, but most agree that it surrounds your soul and spirit instead of the physical. Despite this, practicing it tends to have a substantial effect on your whole body. By lowering your anxiety levels and increasing energy, it allows your body and mind to become healthier. Unfortunately, many have no idea how to approach spirituality. So, here are four ways to discover the best spiritual wellness journey for you.

1. Rethink Your Diet

This step may seem counterproductive to spiritual work, but it’s an essential task to complete. In order to feel self love and readiness to grow, you must be eating healthily and maintaining your energy. Think about your current diet and be honest with yourself. Try to introduce more vegetables into each meal. If you have difficulty with this, you can use other methods like greens powder. In the event that you can’t change what you’re eating, attempt to adapt your meal times. Intermittent fasting has shown promising results in diets. Above all else, remember to stay healthy and forget unrealistic body standards. Keep fiddling with these options until one method of healthy eating sticks.

2. Consider Your Beliefs

The world contains a plethora of different beliefs. The one thing most have in common is an interest in your soul. Therefore, it’s essential to take your beliefs into account when exploring spirituality. First, try to define your faith. If it’s a Western religion, you probably already have a name for it. If not, take the time to truly lay out what you believe in. It may be nothing. It may be practically undefinable. Just be as specific as you can. Once you do so, you can think about how to factor your faith system into your spiritual journey. This could be through prayer or possibly kind gestures. Whatever you do, ensure that it’s something you believe in personally, and not something you are used to being taught.

3. Go Through Self-Reflection

Self reflection is a harrowing task to undertake, but it’s vital to understanding how you should approach spirituality. No matter how long you’ve lived a certain way, you may come to realize that you can and should change your lifestyle. First, think about what you value. If the results are all somewhat materialistic or unimportant, you may want to explore that. Next, consider your goals. Define what steps you’re taking to carry out each one, as well as if you’ve avoided some due to a fear of failure. Lastly, think of your preconceptions about the world. You may have been constraining your actions in life because of an ingrained set of beliefs, many of which could be wrong. This step in particular is key to knowing what your spiritual journey should focus on.

4. Confide in Someone

Spirituality is an immense concept with scary implications. Tackling it by yourself may lead to some frightening revelations and overwhelming confusion. Fortunately, you don’t need to be alone during this process. Seek out someone in your life that you can discuss your journey with. This individual would preferably be someone well-versed in spirituality. If you’re religious, it may be wise to speak with a faith leader in your community. If not, you can find someone trained in the subject. It may also be best if the person was unbiased. Insincere answers for the sake of sparing your feelings aren’t very helpful. Whoever you choose, make sure it’s someone you trust. Discussing spirituality can get very personal, so it could be dangerous if done with the wrong person.

Tending to your spirit takes a substantial amount of time and energy, so it can feel overwhelming at times. However, the benefits usually far outweigh the cost. Practicing spirituality in a personal way will likely change your life. You might discover that you’re energized and healthy more often. Your relations with others could improve as well. Most importantly, you may find yourself happier than ever before.