Whether you’re in a position that requires you to use your imagination or you’re looking to design new products or art pieces, creativity is necessary to continue evolving and see progress in any industry. Over time, it can be easy to neglect your creativity and focus too much on your schedule or responsibilities throughout the week and simply work to meet deadlines and demands. However, creativity isn’t something that can be scheduled and needs to be nurtured. If you want to foster your creativity, there are a few ways to find inspiration and produce better work.

Create a mood board

Create a mood or inspiration board, which can allow you to put all of your ideas and influences in one place if you’re feeling a block in your creativity. Browse through magazines or images online to obtain pictures that can inspire you and are easy to post on a board. Creating a collage of different textures, colors, patterns, and photos can open your mind to new ideas that can allow you to come up with your next project. Even when you’re working on something else, this board is in your view and your subconscious continually works.

Study your environment

One of the best ways to gain inspiration and think of new ideas is to study your environment and the people in it. Look around and observe the different shapes, billboards, and commercials that you see to find new trains of thought that can lead you to your next masterpiece. Engaging and observing your surroundings on a daily basis allows you to become more creative due to outside influences.

Get enough sleep

Sleep may not always be a priority when you have deadlines or responsibilities, but it can be difficult to become more creative if you feel fatigued and have a lack of energy. Aim for sleeping seven to eight hours each night, which improves your cognitive function and your ability to focus the following day. Getting enough rest gives your brain time to recharge and work through ideas or problems from the previous day.

Take Breaks

Although it can be easy to get wrapped up in your work, you’ll need to take breaks every hour or two to allow your mind to rest. Scheduling breaks prevents burnout and helps you remain passionate and in the zone with your creativity. Make it a point to step away from your desk and take a walk outside or get something to eat. Taking a step back from your work can allow you to have new ideas or feel more refreshed once you begin working again

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