Let’s face it, after certification the next thing a coach is thinking of is how to get clients who are willing to pay for the unique service they have to offer. It is easy to get people to want your service for free. Getting clients who are ready to pay is another kettle of fish all together.

This article is going to show you four proven steps to get those significant clients who will help you get past the 100 hours benchmark and grow your coaching business into a great one.

Create a Personal Brand

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Personal branding is the first and arguably the most important step to getting high paying clients as a Life Coach. A personal brand is more than a beautiful logo or some fancy website though these are important aspects of branding.

Personal branding involves discovering and polishing what makes you stand out; being true to your style, values and principles while leaving room for reinvention. It is a way of establishing and promoting what you stand for. This cannot be done without having a clear vision and mission statements, and recognizing who your ideal clients are.

To create a personal brand as a life coach, you need to identify that which makes you stand out from other life coaches and pass this message as clearly as you can without coming across as arrogant or foolish.

The interesting thing with personal brands is that everyone has one. According to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, “Your brand is what your people say about you when you’re not in the room.” So, whether you actively set out to create a personal brand or not, people will have a thought about you. Why not be deliberate about what they think?

To enhance your career and attract clients, you need to create a strong and impactful personal brand. This is not about creating a brand that everyone will love. Not everyone will love your brand. It is about selling yourself in a way that appeals to people who want it.

According to Jennifer Holloway, a personal brand coach, the first thing you need to do in creating a personal brand is define what and who you’re putting in the package you’re offering to your client. Then you should get feedback on how your brand is perceived and make adjustments where necessary after which you must work towards promoting your brand in all aspects of your operation no matter how basic it is.

The question is, how do you want your clients to perceive you both online and offline?

Start Locally

You don’t have to wait to make clients off strangers or new acquaintances before you start offering your service. You can get high paying clients right within your small community even though it may not seem like it.

Start selling yourself to your family and friends and your social media friends too. Tell them what you do and how you can be relevant to them in a non pushy, informal way. They in turn can spread the news, having known you for a while. Never underestimate the power of word-of-mouth.

Share the value of having a Life Coach with those around you because there are people who’d benefit from it, and you’d get paid for it too. You should show them what you can do for them, and how it is relevant to them.

Before looking far for clients, use local resources around you; people within your radius, the clubs or groups you belong in.

Write, Show, Give Inspiration

This is not about writing or creating videos about just anything. When writing blogs, doing podcasts, or creating YouTube videos, the objective should be for people to get to know you, for people to see what you’ve to offer. Use these to reach people, so it sticks in their mind, what you do. Every article, blog, podcast, YouTube videos etc., should be an avenue to promote yourself, and introduce yourself to yet more people. Aside these, make arrangements to speak at your gym, your community, etc. Share your inspiration with them.

This form of exposure gives people an insight into your business and should not be downplayed by any degree. It may be given as a free service from you, but it is actually a sown seed. It is a way of creating awareness about what you’ve, as people can only connect with you when they recognize what you’ve and when they already feel connected to you because of the inspiration your words give them.

So write and talk your way to getting high paying clients.

Use Social Media

The digital age we live in has made it that your clients, many of them, are practically a click away thanks to so many social media platforms out there.

As an individual, social media has had the biggest influence on my business.

The first step to getting high paying clients by using social media is knowing which social media platforms your target audience uses most. It is not advisable to just go on any social media platform and fire away, telling all and sundry what you offer. You may hit some spots, but you would do better to make deliberate effort towards a particular audience.

Also, be mindful of the fact that not all platforms offer the same opportunity for all businesses. For instance, a photographer’s best platform may be Instagram, and a writer’s best platform may be Medium. Each can use the other platform to reach and get a trickle of clients, but the impact and rewards may not be as compared to using the most suitable platforms for them. LinkedIn is a professional platform for getting high paying clients. Building a Facebook community is also a brilliant strategy for getting your service out.

You have clients and key influencers hidden on social media, don’t lose the opportunity to work with them.

There you have it; the four steps which are bound to change your Life Coaching business for the better and before long you will be successful and significant in the business. These tips are self tested and proven. I hope to hear of your success in the nearest future.

Share, in the comment section below, any other tip you know can attract clients to life coaches.


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