kids full potential

Some days, (okay most days) I feel like I am constantly working to motivate and propel my family forward. Whether that is getting to school on time, completing homework or urging for better basic personal hygiene, it’s a big job.

And while I want my kids to be kids, I also want them to work hard and live into their full potential. Here are 4 ways to guide your kids in the right direction.

Model a growth mindset.

While it would be amazing if our kids always received great grades or scored the most points on the team, it’s not realistic. Plus, we learn when we struggle. Continue to encourage your child to work hard and instead of focusing on the outcome, applaud them for their efforts. This is especially important if they worked hard, but didn’t get the desired result. This will help your child develop a “growth mindset”.

In a growth mindset, people believe that their abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work. This creates a resilience that can help us accomplish more. Even if your child isn’t naturally the best reader in class, with a growth mindset they will understand that by practicing and working hard, they will achieve their goal. This goes with any area of their life.

Read inspiring books for kids and teens.

Reading enhances your child’s world and expands their horizons while learning through the example of others. Motivate your kids and teens to reach their potential by reading inspirational books about people that overcame obstacles and challenges and ultimately impacted others and their communities. Look here for the Best Inspirational Books for Kids and Teens. You will find biographies and other inspiring nonfiction as well as inspirational fictional stories.

Continue to offer a variety of experiences.

As your kids get older, continue to encourage them to try and explore new talents. If your child is great at basketball, have them also try out another sport. Encourage new hobbies and be supportive as they try them out. Experiencing new things can allow your child to grow intellectually but also socially and emotionally as they interact with others.

If your teen is wanting to try something new, be supportive and willing to help. Offer your time and resources when available in order to give them a new experience they can learn from.

Give your kids a choice.

If I’m being honest, I’m a bit of a control freak. And this tendency spills over into my children’s lives and their choices. While this is well-intended because I am wanting them to succeed, this can hinder their growth. Give your kids the room to make choices and to follow their passions. Guide them in decision-making discussions and then let them ultimately decide on their approach. With your guidance and support, they will learn more from this process than from being controlled into doing what you think is best as their parents.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. It’s a hard job. Use these tips to guide your kids to meeting their full potential.