It is 7:00 A.M. and you are getting ready for your morning commute to work. Your commitment to your daily behaviors have metamorphosed over the years. 

Now, in the midst of a global pandemic, our typical practices are nonexistent; leaving us feeling uneasy.  

According to Northwestern Medicine, people thrive from routines. Habits are in our nature as we are hardwired to adapt to our surrounding environment. A routine decreases stress and anxiety, promotes consistent sleep patterns, a healthy diet, and a productive use of time throughout the day. 

It is important to remember that each individual’s version of regularity is distinct and unique! Here are some tips to kickstart your morning habits.

1. Body Scan

When you wake up, take a couple minutes to pay attention to the physical sensations in your body. This allows us to be present to areas of tension and recognize if we are feeling stressed or relaxed. Draw attention to your breathing. Is it steady or labored? 

2. Exercise

A 30 minute morning workout helps the body and mind become alert and energized for the day. Try an online workout video, a nature walk or a run. Don’t forget to stretch!

3. Eat Mindfully

My breakfast consists of a Greek yogurt, fruit and 2 hard boiled eggs. I also drink orange juice with calcium and vitamin D! I recommend having a couple of food items that are healthy and easy to consume in the morning.

4. Tackle a Task

This way you have one item checked off your to-do list and it will leave you feeling motivated for the rest of the day! Don’t forget to take breaks and rest.