Being single during the holiday season can be tough. You pass by couples strolling around a sparkling downtown or an article pops up on your feed suggesting “The Ultimate Gift Guide for Your Special Someone.” You show up solo to holiday parties and have to repeatedly answer the question, “So, are you dating any one?”

And upon your rehearsed reply of saying how busy work’s been, you can’t help but feel your heart sink. Taking on the holidays alone isn’t easy, especially when you’re ready to have that awesome person in your life.

But turning into a bitter Grinch won’t get you any closer to finding the magical love that you deserve. Actually, the energy of the holidays is the perfect time to manifest the best love.

So without further ado, here are 4 ways to leverage a lonely holiday:

  1. When people ask you if you’re dating someone, answer honestly.
    You don’t want to feel like a dud who hasn’t gone on a date in months, so you naturally bring up work and steer the conversation away from dating. But next to online dating, most couples meet through mutual friends. If someone asks about your single status, respond back that you haven’t met the lucky person yet, but if they knew someone who might be a good match, you’d be open to an introduction. You never know who they might know… your perfect person could be an honest answer away!
  2. Believe that Tis the Season of Self-Love.
    Every time you find yourself wishing you had someone to spoil this season, decide to spoil yourself instead. Spend the money you would’ve used on your S.O.’s gift and get that thing you’ve been really wanting. Pick up a festive book and enjoy a hot cocoa at your local cafe. Pour a glass of wine, put on your cozy jammies and turn on your favorite Christmas classic. Taking the time to give yourself loving energy will help you attract loving energy.
  3. Spend a festive evening with someone who matters most.
    If you have the strong desire to ring in someone new this coming year, odds are you’ll be totally booked next holiday season. Use the extra time you have this year to show true appreciation for someone you are thankful for. Take your mom to a fun workshop or help your dad put up the tree. Host a white elephant party at your place with your closest friends. Letting your sad single self sulk by the fireplace alone isn’t fun for anybody!
  4. Use the positive energy of the holidays to set strong intentions.
    Good cheer spreads good energy. The holiday season is filled with high vibes and it’s a very powerful time to manifest greatness into your life. Take an hour to light some candles and write down specific intentions you have for the new year and new person to come. You can also close your eyes and visualize how you want to feel in your new relationship. Visualization accelerates manifestation and manifestation happens the quickest in the energy of pure Joy. So there’s no better time than now!

Heres’ to a new year full of new love!

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