Working from home can be a great opportunity to focus on the projects that are meaningful to you. Instead of commuting to the office every day, you can spend the time to focus on the things that are important to you. It can also give you the opportunity to reflect, slow down and just breathe.

If you’re used to working in an office during these times and wondering how to adjust to working from home, here are some ideas to keep you motivated and inspired at home:

  1. Mindfulness — Setting up your day through a morning meditation. Headspace is offering free meditations called “Weathering The Storm” to help support us through uncertain times.
  2. Set the intention. This can be done through journaling and setting your schedule for the day. Taking a few moments to journal the action steps for the day can help you to plan and gain clarity. The key for me has been to jot it down and write down the first thing that comes to mind, allowing the pen and paper to flow.
  3. Set a routine. Do your best to maintain it and allow for flexibility. Chunk up your day into smaller pieces so that you have time for virtual chats, stretch breaks, lunch, etc. Block off chunks of time for you to focus on the work where you can work continuously without being interrupted. It’s key to find a flow that works for you and honour your needs. Some people like noise while they work while others don’t. Find the right fit for you. And also know that it can also change at times when there are unexpected things that happen such as your fridge breaking down or taking care of kids while working.
  4. Create a dedicated space for your workplace. Even if you are limited in space, find creative ways to create an environment that supports your productivity. Find different setups — ie. adjusting your monitor height or adding a table light, to see what works best for you. Check in with yourself and honestly ask yourself how you are feeling. Honour what comes up and trust that you will find ways to adjust.

What are some WFH tips that are working for you?

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