motivate kids

You know what motivates my kids into action? Sugar.

It’s true. They love the stuff (who doesn’t?!)

But sometimes I feel like rewarding my kids with candy every time isn’t sending a great message. And plus, they receive treats daily for just about everything (birthdays, holidays, after school activities, grandparents, school)

So, today we’re talking about healthier alternatives to get your kids moving. Whether it’s to do their chores, brush their teeth, work hard in school, or practice soccer.

These will do the trick~without the sugar rush!

1. Books

My 10 year old son had a hard year with grades last year. He was capable of doing well, he just didn’t care. We tried both consequences and rewards. And by the end of the year, I was exhausted.

So, this year, we made a simple deal. If he got good grades, then he could go to our bookstore and pick out several books. It’s a win for him because he loves to read. It’s a win for me because he’s working hard in school AND is encouraged to read more on top of it. So far, it’s working well!

2. Coupons That Promote Experiences

We’ve used the same coupons for kids for just about everything. They are incredibly versatile, most of them are cheap or free, and many promote family time. Everyone wins with these! The kids especially love the “free from chores” day, movie night, and family game night.

Coupons also make great additions to family gift basket ideas >>

3. Screen Time

Like sweets, this can be a slippery slope. But, if you can monitor and use it in moderation, then it’s an incredible motivator for kids.

4. Money

And finally, when kids grow up they get rewarded with….money. It’s called a job. We all get paid!

So, why not start now? It doesn’t have to be large sums. And it can be a one time thing, an ongoing allowance, or money for extra chores.

Plus, it will help you teach them how to save and spend, priming them for their future.

That’s it! What’s your favorite way to reward your kids without candy? Leave a comment and let me know!