How to befriend time for greater freedom and fulfillment

Over the past few centuries, humanity has become divorced from the natural instincts and rhythms that helped us thrive for millennia. These days, we are almost completely oblivious to our inherent time-keeper (biorhythms, seasonal instincts and intuitive impulses) and rely mainly on man-made concepts of time — the calendar and the clock — to schedule our activities.

This shift away from our natural selves has resulted in a dysfunctional and destructive relationship with the timing of our lives:

  • Our inability to prioritize our body’s rhythms over the clock has created a global epidemic of sleep deprivation
  • Societal pressures are compelling us to spend less time on life and more on work, yet, ironically, the time we spend at work is increasingly wasted on trivial distractions
  • We are failing to use the ‘time we have’ doing things that fulfill us as individuals … and we are commonly regretting this choice as our lives draw to an end

In the crushing demands of this modern world, we have stepped out of our natural temporal balance and have come to view time as something to resist, conquer, devalue or ignore.

With that in mind, maybe it’s time for us to reconnect:

Give up the rush

Busy-ness is worn like a badge of honor these days, but many tasks in our lives are unnecessary and wasteful. If you were to truly reflect on many of your demands, you would probably realize that you only do many of them to fulfill external obligations, or keep up with social demands, or to distract yourself from your own discontent. So, stop making yourself so busy.

Before you commit valuable time to an activity, ask yourself “Is this task meaningful to me? Does it fulfill my physical, emotional and spiritual needs, or does it drain them?” Time is precious and you have a right, and an obligation, to choose carefully how to spend it.

Let life flow

So, you have a plan and a schedule. You know what you want, and when you want it by. Well, guess what? You are only one thread in an exquisitely intricate web of events and interactions… and sometimes life doesn’t work to your schedule.

You will know you are resisting the natural flow of life if you are struggling with feelings of frustration, impatience or disappointment. In these times, ask yourself “When did I expect this to happen? And why?” Understand that any expectation you have of timing was just your imagination, projecting a timeline into the future. I know these imaginings can feel real, but they’re not. Life happens when it happens … so relax, and let life flow.

Connect with your inner oracle

Beyond the clocks and calendars, there is a quiet place in your mind that possesses a deep awareness of everything going on in your life. This part of you — your unconscious calculations and your intuitive knowing — recognizes the best opportunities and solutions, knows the perfect time to take action, and reassures you that all is well when nothing appears to be happening.

There is a perfect timing for everything, and this timeline is forever being communicated to you through your own soft yearnings and gut instincts. All you have to do is turn your attention inward a little, and start listening.

Take inspired action

In developed nations, we have come to believe that we must push, cajole, struggle and persist our way to success. As long as we “keep doing, dammit!” then it is assumed that we will eventually create forward momentum. In this modus operandi, times of rest and reflection are often dismissed as wasteful. So, instead, we waste time and energy chasing dead-end opportunities, or pushing against unripe possibilities.

A wiser and healthier approach is to be more discerning in the actions you choose to take. When working toward a vision or goal, accept when the timeline isn’t in your favor. Acknowledge when an opportunity doesn’t feel right. Appreciate when your mind and body are willing you to “rest” rather than power ahead. And, in these moments, strive for a sense of ease and mindfulness.

Then, watch for natural compulsions to act; a feeling like you are completely inspired to do something. This is a sign from your inner awareness: the time is ripe to move forward; the action is advantageous; you have all the drive and motivation you need to complete whatever task is before you. When you work with the timing of inspired action, life always seems more effortless, and more rewarding.

In our modern world, we have built an unnatural and mechanistic relationship with time. We have become slaves to the clock. But life is a natural phenomenon of ebb and flow; of activity and rest; of growth and reflection; of deconstruction and regathering. Understanding this can set you free from the pressures of man-made timing, and help you thrive in the natural rhythm of your life.

Kim Forrester is an award-winning author, educator and intuitive consultant with over 15 years’ experience as a professional intuitive and spiritual teacher. She combines cutting edge science with traditional spirituality to offer the latest understandings of psi, consciousness and holistic well being.

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