Advancing your career, whether by asking for a promotion, a raise or making the decision to leave your current job for a better one can all be necessary yet downright terrifying actions to take. You may be considering leaving your job to start your own company or simply be about to pitch a major proposal. Whatever you need to do, here are some ways you can strengthen your resolve and boost your career.

Determine Objectively That This Is the Best Course of Action

The first thing you should do is convince yourself that, objectively, a certain decision or course of action is the right one. This is relatively simple—all you have to do is make a list of the pros and cons of each available option. In most cases, the answer, no matter how scary it might be, will be clear. If you simply must do something in the purview of your job that will advance your career, such as give a presentation, then come to peace with the fact that it must be done and put forth your best effort.

Engage in Confidence-Boosting Activities

There are any number of scientifically-backed methods to boost your confidence. These include affirmations of your positive traits, visualizing in your mind how you want to be perceived and dressing well. Remember that simply using confident body language often comes across as stiff and rehearsed. You will appear much more confident if you feel confident. The body language and mannerisms will come much more naturally as a side effect of confidence you truly feel.

Harness Belief

Those with a more spiritual inclination may be looking for a sign that a particular decision is the best one to make. Guides such as religious leaders and psychics will lend an ear and offer their insight to help you decide or provide reassurance that it will all work out. Believing you will be successful is important to having confidence in what you are about to do, and spiritual sources can be a valuable way to achieve that.

Provide Solutions

Instead of simply offering a complaint or a criticism, think of ways to fix the problem and present those solutions as well. Companies ultimately want their workers to provide solutions and you will have a much easier time convincing a manager that something is an issue if you can suggest a better solution. When you have something positive to say in addition to something negative, that can help strengthen your resolve by mitigating your fear of rejection.

Taking your career into your own hands is never easy, but it is a skill that must be mastered. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, there are methods that might work to boost your confidence. Try any of the above options or a combination to hopefully achieve your goals.