A day has passed, and a night has gone. Here we are sitting and relishing in the level of euphoria, which was espoused from last night’s dynamic expressions at 2020’s 40th Anniversary of the BET Awards celebration. The mood was authentic. It was surreal, and it was real! Was this really happening? Were we truly experiencing this? These holistic expressions of love, beauty, and communal healing, with the context of Black American spacing and gardens. There was a Universal ecstasy in the way, in which movement took place. The message was very clear. Black America is entering into another period of re-birth. Not only is this period of a different aura, but it is refreshing. This new era of digital and visual aesthetics is presenting all with the opportunity to explore another realm of artistry.

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What made this performance so unique is that it brought a wave of performances, which had been missing from prior BET Awards shows. Even in the realm of a pandemic, blessings seem to arise. The lack of a live audience has clearly played a role in the intricacies of this show. A greater dimension happened last night We don’t know the amount of work conducted, in preparation for this showcase. Yet, what we can understand is that there was a great level of spiritual and emotional commitment to this wonder. For once, the current artists of the day could not rely on the facade of an audience. Often times many of them attend because of the popularity. The desire in wanting to be connected with the rich and famous. Entering into the spacing in order to feel one is alive. Feeding off the energy of those, who have “made it.” Its an interesting dynamic to be told.

This time it was only them and the stage. They did not have the luxury of flashing lights and faux praises. It means that whatever messages were presented, had to be connected to the Universal, in order for viewers to believe the emotions, stemming from them. Fakery was not allowed. Themes of the show illuminated the current realities of the Black American experience. These current times demanded a certain level of sensitivity; which means you have to be in tuned with that energy, for its understanding. Being intermixed with that energy demanded the removal of any masks or facade. Any musician, singer, artist, or entertainer for that night, had to be willing to go into a level of discomfort. Venturing into that artistic tension, in order to feel that pain. Grappling with the anxieties and complexities in what is happening in the current society, requires depths of vulnerability. The message of last night’s performance was simple and clear. If you cannot bring vulnerability to the stage, do not perform. In fact, the artistry of a number of entertainers and artists was put to the test. Answering a very important question. When all you have is a stage, and the cheering fans are gone, what do you have to show?

A musical restoration is taking shape in Black America’s mainstream sector. All of the fake and shallow elements were demolished, during yesterday’s performance. It brings about that intriguing question, concerning the realm of Black American culture and aesthetics. What is it about our struggles, perseverance, and pain that allows us to create genius and magic, in times of turmoil and uncertainty? Such is not to glamorize pain, nor our her/histories of suffering. Yes, there is something unique, regarding our particular experience in this his/herstory of the United States. The peculiar treasures and jewels, mined from our gardens (as a result of intensity and pressure) are those which cannot be used for decoration, or the cheapening of the human experience. In fact, to do such makes it look ugly when worn. It appears fake, and you can tell when an artist has cheapened their jewels. It becomes obvious for the world to see. Furthermore, it does not derive from truth. Mainly because a person has planned it. Yet, remove them from their comfort zone, and place them in a space of unfamiliarity. Take away the backup, and see how well they are able to command the stage. Observe if they can perform greatness, and the requirement of Universal sound, in the world of performing artistry.

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The 40th anniversary of the BET Awards 2020 (June 28, 2020 at 8:00pm ET) was a testimony of truth. It was delightful, pleasing, and healing to observe. In fact, it seemed to have been blessed by the Heavens. This performance of digital aesthetics was a mirror of fiction and reality. I could feel the Spirits of so many Black American people nourished and watered. During this night, every weight had been lifted, and we were able to breathe. Not only did we breathe, but we channeled the sweetness of air into every wound, needed to be healed. Every pain was kissed away. Every sorrow was painted into a memory of knowledge, for future beauties. There is clearly an element of being part of the serenity for a collective effort. Any traces of selfishness within our communities, were rooted up, and thrown out. The commonality was a shared sensory. It caressed the intimacies of fatigue; the draining of our glittery, black sparkles, by energy exploiters, who find joy in the lifelessness of our bodies. When our brothers and sisters are slaughtered, we feel the removing of that energy from our individual existence. Its because our individuality is connected, and intertwined, into the whole of our people, and very culture. Our movement patterns within these United States, binds us. The energy is even more enhanced because it is based on our music and culture. When one of our own is gunned down, the patterns of our genetic memory are triggered. It is as if we have gone back into time, and are observing the lynching of our foremothers and forefathers.

Last night was a digital therapy. For Black American people across the world, and the nation, we were able to lay our burdens onto the stage. Laying our pain and distress into music. In doing so, we felt alive. There truly is a rainbow at the end of the tunnel, and the “pennies from Heaven,” were our pot of gold. No one can say that they observed this performance, and were not healed. Healing was abundant. Healing was everlasting. Healing is still happening in the days to come.

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After watching this array of movement’s performances, there was a desire for more. A secret world, a secret, Universal world, had been revealed, last night. It was so spiritually delectable, that I wanted more. Forget about any future, live audience performances. I, and others, yearned for future, similar performances, for the next BET Awards show. 2021! Of course, it must be just as innovative. However, exploration of Black America’s position in this new world, is too nutritious to do once. There are so many layers within this this tapestry. Just imagine this being a performance on Heaven’s Universal stage. What are the different colors, patterns, styles, dynamics, and designs of this unique world of invisibilities? Myself and others, yearn for more. We desire this sculpting, and painting of our existence. Endless masterpieces re-affirming our humanity in sacred spacing. It is needed, and we receive it more than our heart’s fruition.

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More conversations will take place in the coming days. One day can not suffice for the level of discourse needed, to even analyze a percentage of what took place. We need it! And, through this timing, we shall come to reveal the answers required, in the solutions we seek. Solutions which will only be revealed once Black America has committed ourselves to re-performing, and re-composing artistry’s movements in Divine love, through its Earthly forms.

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